Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Welcome to the That's Not Metal Archive!

Greetings defenders of the faith.

I'd like to formally welcome you to the archive page of That's Not Metal / Metal Snob. TNM was a satirical heavy metal elitist blog vaguely active from late 2010 - mid 2016. The name was changed to Metal Snob late 2015 after the name "That's Not Metal" was trademarked for use by a separate UK podcast. It finally all ended in the Summer of 2016, but was left up until the domain expired that December. Here you will find past editorials, reviews, commentary, news and more or less general shit-posting from yours truly among a few other guest writers who came and went.

Please keep in mind that every word written on this site was done so with the intention to be humorous and everything should be taken with a grain of salt, if taken at all. Although 'Brenocide' and I are one in the same, and it's still a handle I continue to use elsewhere, him and I are not the same. He was my SkankHunt42, if you will; an anonymous troll who made statements not necessarily to express a personal opinion, but to warrant a reaction. To rile readers and get under some people's skin.

This isn't to say that my own real-life position didn't shine through once in a great while here; as I found myself a podium from which I could speak and be heard a top the heap of mayhem that ultimately was this blog. However, for safety's sake, we're just going to say that this blog was written and is to be read for entertainment purposes only. The writing is poor, the language is foul, the jokes are offensive, the over-all outlook is immature and the bulk of this pile began and ended during my early to mid-lateish 20s. Some formative years of mine, where a great deal of personal growth occured for me, and where which at a certain point calling people 'cunts' on the internet for having different opinions lost a lot of its charm

I had initially planned to leave the web page in the dark after I quit writing for it, due to its content. However, there was significant interest in an archive of the site being available for readers. So here is the original site with the original material, simply reverted back to the blogspot address from whence it first came.

Keep in mind: this page is just an archive, and the site has been through multiple years of domain changes. There will be broken links, there will be images that don't work. There is no plan to fix these things, there is no plan to write new material for the site and any comments you make on the page now will likely fall on deaf ears and not be replied to.

With that said, I hope you enjoy sifting through the internet dumpster we worked so hard on for those years and maybe you'll come out of it less of a fucking poseur.

- Brendan

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