Thursday, November 5, 2015

Review: Exterminas - Dichotomy

My salvation from unending legions of horrible Bandcamp music.

Dichotomy is the second full length release from the Italian black metal band Exterminas, and it is FUCKING great. Up to this point Bandcamp has betrayed me time and again with horrible band after horrible band, but like a shotgun at a metalcore concert, Exterminas has saved me from a purgatory of unworthy filth.

The album has everything you would want from back metal: speed, anger, and incomprehensible vocals. While the rhythm section is certainly up to snuff, the dual guitar attack of Moloch and Eskathon are what really elevate this album. Sometimes reminiscent of Skeletonwitch, Slayer, or Belphegor but never seeming to outright rip them off, it gives them a sound close to many blackened death metal bands but still very rooted in traditional back metal. If I was going to drive into hell in a souped up muscle car with hood mounted machine guns, I would blare this on my awesome but admittedly impractical demon slaying rampage. If I could understand what Februus is saying I'm sure it would be condoning the opposite of killing the legions of hell, but as every true metal head should know, when it comes to demons you can either worship them, or murder them and both are equally metal. The less practical your chosen method of combat is the better.

The album drops November eleventh at their label Satanath's Bandcamp page where you can also get the preview track Dawn of Deceit. Grab it, and then buy the damn thing when it comes out. What else were you going to do with that money? Feed your children? Don't lie. No woman would want to birth your spawn. So instead of crying about it go buy this album. Maybe get the jewel case if you have a fetish for being able to tenderly caress a disc. Hurry though. There are only 500 physical copies and we wouldn't want your fully engorged member to go unsatisfied because it sold out.


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