Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! Listen to Blasphemous Death Metal

I had to go visit family today. Needless to say I'm hopelessly smashed right now. You guys have no clue what it's like to have to deal with these people...

"So what day did Jesus actually rise on?"


Instead of celebrating a delusional holiday sipping mimosas and eating ham because of some 2,000-year-old Jewish zombie, I opted instead to listen to Immolation.

Death metal not your speed? Mercyful Fate has got you covered:

Just listen to something satanic and awesome, to spite this "holy day". More like "holy shit", I had way too much bacon, waffles, beer and stole all the kids jelly beans. I'm going to severely regret being alive tomorrow morning. In other news, I implore you guys to go buy this t-shirt, because it is awesome. Even if you don't even like Mastodon. It doesn't even matter. This is the greatest t-shirt ever designed and I am buying it immediately to wear year-round:

It's only up on Mastodon's site for a limited time, so stop reading this crap and buy it. Buy it now. 

So Happy Easter. Enjoy your family-induced hangovers.

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  1. I had Cephalic Carnage then Borknagar playing in one ear while dealing with the family today and Pantera for the car ride to and from.

    Also, I love me some Mastodon and that shirt is fuckin' sweet. They had a xmas one too.


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