Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Blog by Brenocide: Ugly Guitars

Oh God, why?
To expand on my love of comedy, music and writing, I decided to create another blog focusing on ugly guitars. I was originally planning on creating a post about said subject here on TNM, but the content was just way too vast and limitless for me to confine it within a single violation. I did a bit of research to see if a site dedicated to such a concept already existed, and while there are a lot of sites that run a feature or a specific article about hideous electric guitars, I didn't manage to find one that dedicated all of its content to the subject specifically. At least I didn't find one on Google anyway. But hey, if you don't show up early in a Google search, you might as well not exist. So I figured "why not?" Something for me to a do a on the side and have a bit of fun.

You can see the blog at uglyguitars.blogspot.com. Not much to look at this very second, but I already amassed months worth of material to share and write about, so that's going to change very soon.

As you can tell, the page is very much in the "under construction" phase. If it takes off okay, and I get enough views and interest, I'll upgrade it to its own domain for ease of access, and put some (real) effort into its appearance. For now though, I'll be utilizing Blogger's free service to share my opinion with you dudes on some very sorry looking guitars. I realize most of you probably aren't musicians, but I promise the site will provide a good laugh anyway. I'll update it daily or bi-daily with photos of instruments that are offensive to the eyes, whether they be mass-produced by a prominent manufacturer, a paint job gone horribly wrong, or a custom shop nightmare somebody took too far.

I'm by no means abandoning TNM. This page is still, and will always be my #1 brainchild, and the center for all my efforts. All this means for you is more of the Brenocide rantings that you love, just in different places.

Thank you for your moment of time, and hope to hear from some of you guys on the new blog!



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