Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Need to decide about Devin Townsend's Ghost


Or this:

They both sound so similar. I just can't make up my mind between the two. 

In other news, the album art for Deconstruction, (Towsend's satirical answer to all the annoying people like me who want him to make the music he's best at,) was just revealed on Metal Sucks:

Little dark and gloomy kid in a hoodie? Really? 90's nu-metal called, it wants its everything back. 


  1. Why did Devin Townsend decide to take a huge shit all over his fans?

  2. This probably isn't the right spot to put this but I don't have facebook so I'm gonna post it right fucking here. Check out the bands Obtenebris and Be'lakor. Specifically, Obtenebris - "Skyfall", "Dust of Time", "Legion" and Be'lakor - "Aspect", "Countless Skies". Do it.

  3. Seems like someone has been watching the Infidel lately...

  4. No, I had heard of them long before Infidel mentioned them. Plus, his videos promoting them went up a while ago, so it wouldn't be "lately". Sounds like someone needs to learn 2 internet.


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