Friday, April 22, 2011

brokeNCYDE Brings Teh Lulz Dawg!

I feel slightly conflicted even sharing this with you, but nonetheless...

For those of you who like to keep up with this sort of thing, reigning Crunkcore champions (massive sarcasm) brokeNCYDE have released a new skit ( butthurt rant) on whatever it is they do (I won't call them albums out of respect for music as an art form) called "Sorry We're Not Slayer"

Y U Be Hatin Dawgs?

In case you didn't already know, Crunkcore is the Afterbirth that results from mixing Hip-Hop and Screamo. It is mind-bogglingly awful to the extent that it doesn't even warrant a mention on this blog in most cases. However, this was so lulz worthy that I thought I'd bring it to your attention.

What the "skit" consists of is a short rant explaining that all the members of brokeNCYDE are little girls who are getting their feelings hurt by all the negative feedback they are getting on their facebook page, and if it doesn't stop soon, they are seriously going to cry.

There are many dawgs and homies thrown about and it seems that their overall justification for their existence is that they're a Hip-Hop group. Now, I don't listen to any Hip-Hop and I'm not sure what the standard for what constitutes good Hip-Hop is, but I'm sure even the most devoted Wigger wouldn't be caught dead within a hundred mile radius of this "crew".

You can listen to said rant Here.

Genre classification and abysmal music aside, it seems that the main thing you can take from this is that brokeNCYDE really can't take any negative comments without shriveling up into little butthurt worms.

Now, I would never suggest something as uncouth and juvenile as trolling their facebook en masse. I just find it interesting conjecture that, as a professional band (don't quote me on that) these guys get so hurt by any negative feedback they get.

Sometimes it's best to just ignore these things...


  1. WitchfyndeFinder4/23/2011 2:03 AM

    Dear brokeNCYDE,

    You don't have to be Slayer, we're just asking you to be adequate.

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  3. I shat. I used to have a friend that wanted to start a group like these guys. We don't talk anymore.

  4. this is their fanbase :) lolz

    "uuggghhhhh!! i wish i cud see u guys on the 27th! but sadly... im grounded :( "

  5. lol, it wont let me watch the vid because of copy right infringement. hahahaha.

  6. BrokeNCYDE's sound does not include any screamo. This is an insult to Pg. 99, Orchid, and Citcle Takes The Square. No. Their sound is the result of mixing whiskey, kerosene, and puppies. It's tragic, and should be stopped with lots of water and federal aid.


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