Friday, April 29, 2011

Mike Mangini is new Dream Theater Drummer

James Labrie: "We have some news for you, and we'd like to at this point, welcome you to the family."


So we can finally put this retarded Dream Theater drummer search fiasco to bed. Dream Theater made the soul-searching, near impossible decision of selecting only one out of seven incredible drummers, and it happened to be the very best drummer that we all knew they were going to pick anyway. If you want to see the episode where Mike Mangini all but comes his pants after Labrie moistly whispers the good news into his ear, you can watch it here. 


  1. What happened to doing a review of Scurrilous or whatever the fuck the albums called by Protest the Hero?

  2. I like how you casually throw around his name like we are supposed to recognize him. Oh he played drums for that awesome metal band Extreme and the super metal awesomeness named Steve Vai. Oh wait, those bands are just as gay as Dream Theater. Don't get me wrong, I like prog, but Dream Theater blows a fat dick.

  3. My bad. Next time when I introduce you to other obscure, cryptic names of the hard rock underground, such as "Kerry King", or "Steve Harris", I'll make sure to carefully explain to you what instrument they play and for who.

  4. "So we can finally put this retarded Dream Theater drummer search fiasco to bed."
    Video :
    So we can finally confirm Dream Theater drummer is a fiasco in bed.


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