Sunday, April 3, 2011

I feel like killing someone when I hear Slipknot too...

Courtesy of Thanks to David Tibbetts for bringing this to my attention.
Police Chief Brandon Clabes said Smith "admitted to investigators when he was arrested that he was into heavy metal music." 

So not only is Kyle Smith a wannabe satanist, a murderer, a psychopath, and an arson, he's also a liar.

Or maybe not. Being the sensitive bunch that TNM readers typically are, it's been suggested to me that perhaps Smith being a true metalhead to his core, cordially introduced Grandma and Grandpa to machete's edge because they bought him the Slipknot CD. Either that, or he walked in on them listening to Slipknot and took appropriate action.

All jokes and Slipknot hate aside, I can't believe Midwest City PD has dragged the human race into this time warp where it's 19-goddamn-85 again, and mainstream ignorance allows rock music to be considered a relevant piece of evidence in a murder case. Kyle Smith hacked his grandparents to bits and set their house ablaze because he was insane. His shitty taste in music had nothing to do with it. That goes without saying, and as much as I think Slipknot blows, it's not fair to put them on trial for being anything except an underwhelming musical act.

This could be one of the best... ...mug shots, of all time.
Speaking of Kyle Smith, upon first reviewing his mugshot, I couldn't help but shake the feeling that he looked very familiar. Like I've seen his face somewhere before... 

Probably only my imagination. Probably...


  1. rOcKsTaRbAsS coming at you with a machete to the face.

  2. "Blame it on metal" is often the grandma's approach towards this music... Still it works perfectlly well for the media...

  3. Dude...haha, totally him! Michael Myers twist, haha...

  4. Before violent music, movies and video games people never brutalized each other......oh wait...

  5. HAHAHA! RB100.


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