Friday, April 8, 2011


Oh my god, no way. I can't stand it dudes, when is this album coming out?? Oh man, I can't take it.

I mean, did you even listen to Matt's guitar solo at the end of the video? What am I even supposed to do with that? How can they possibly give me a taste of something so undeniably rad to the max and not expect me to want, no, hunger for, no, demand more Trivium than they're willing to give me?? Matt Heafy = best guitarist of all time, hands down, no exceptions. That's just facts people, get over it! He's the whole reason I started playing guitar. Do you guys have any idea how long it took me to convince my mom to buy me his signature Dean? I was cleaning gutters for weeks. She ended up getting me a Dean ML XM for $159, which is pretty much the same thing and I can play the main riff of A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation pretty well on it, so money well spent. I think it sounds better than my uncle's Gibson but that's just my opinion, LOL!

Another thing that's really starting to get on my nerves is everybody getting mad at Matt and Paolo for cutting their hair. OMG IT'S JUST HAIR, GET OVER IT. It's not about looks, it's about music, okay? If you spend all your time caring about how an artist looks, and not their music then you're just a poseur. It's like how everybody got mad at Metallica for cutting their hair, but why does it matter, they are still as metal as ever. I actually think the short hair looks better on Matt, he looked like such a bum with long hair LOL! Now all they need is Corey to cut his hair too, LOL! 

Looks way better. Seriously.
I can't wait until they give us some more music come May. Trivium is easily the best metal band right now, and definitely my personal favorite, and this new album is going to destroy everything else that's out there right now. I mean, I'm never ever going to get tired of blasting Shogun on full volume, but it has been a while. I like Shattering the Skies Above from the God of War 3 soundtrack too, but, I didn't really play that game because PS3 sucks! GO XBOX! They will probably release that game on 360 eventually anyway because nobody likes PS3, except losers who don't want good games to play! In the meantime, I'm going to start practicing my YouTube cover of the studio update video to show all my friends. 

You better believe I'm gonna be at that Disturbed Tour for real. KEEP IT METAL!!!!! \m/


  1. Sarcasm is totally the highest form of wit.

  2. Their latest album was pretty good actualy. Huge improvement over their previous shit. Now if only they could get rid of those shitty core vocals...

  3. OMFG! a7x is the best band, not Trivigay.

  4. I prefer real metal, like Korn. They're pretty br00tal. I don't like any of that "death metal" crap that just sounds like a bunch of burping or whatever lulz. I mean, it doesn't take any talent for that anyways. I can burp too ya know. I also love ICP! They are so fun! Faygo is awesome!

    -Juggalo FTW!

    If anyone thinks I'm serious, before you make a fool of yourself, go suck a cock you non-metal fag.

  5. I actually like Trivium although Matt looks like a hipster now, and thats the lowest form of human there is, other than people that make dubstep.

  6. ^I thought he looked like a hipster way back before you did

  7. ^ I see what you did there :D

  8. Haha trivium is padawan metal. Theyre like any other standard, starter deck metalcore band but with devolopment one can outgrow them and be led to better things. I used to listen to them a ton and now 3 years later Im into alot of Hedonstic Exility, Defeated Sanity, Putrid Pile, Obscura etc.

  9. lol@starter deck metal. Golf claps to you, Nick, I'm using that now. No credit will go to you, and I intend to profit off your originality ;D

    That aside, I enjoy me some Trivium tunes, but I can't take them seriously. That counts for something, right? If not, I'll gladly resign to cocks for life.

  10. I wasn't aware that people still listened to or cared about Trivium.

    Well then, I guess you really do learn something new every day.


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