Friday, April 1, 2011

Harmony Central hates TNM

So I made the mistake of following the yellow-brick road of who's posting my links where, in an effort to get a better understanding of who has nice things to say about my site and who doesn't. I may have a rough exterior and talk tough on here, but ultimately, I just want be loved. So, against my better judgement, I opted to check out a Harmony Central forum thread regarding my post about wearing the shirt of the band you're seeing live. (Harmony Central being a leading web forum for discussion regarding musical instruments.) I always thought there was no debate when it came to my careful explanation as to why you were a chump for wearing the shirt of the band you were going to see live, but alas, where there are idiots, there's a debate. Here's some of the highlights of the positive feedback I received from regular Harmony Central posters:

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Well, at least I'm recognized for making an "attempt". If my violations so far aren't up to this guy's standards, I don't really know what will be. Obviously the list is a work in progress, but even so, what am I missing? I have Ozzy Osbourne on there and everything. As far as it being a "fashion contest", this is a Harmony Central forum member we're talking about here. Their idea of fashion is restricted to the likes of gym shorts, aviator glasses, and tank tops they got for free after drinking enough cans of Coors Light or smoking enough packs of Marbs. I'm not surprised that any of them would get upset once the topic of style gets raised. I'm sure they've heard enough of it from their ex-wives, along with how late their child support checks are sent after wasting $450 on a Schecter C1. Yeah, great deal. Enjoy your "Duncan Designed" pickups, retard. 

I've been to dozens of metal shows, sans ear plugs, standing front and center. Yet I'm perfectly capable of still hearing people like you bitch and complain. Maybe your ears get so messed up because grunge blows? 

Leave my "mother's house" to "go get laid", eh? Big talk coming straight from a guy who's been contributing to the same web forum for a decade. I've been away from home for quite a while, but we're not talking about me right now. 11,089 posts total and counting, (wow) and how much you want to bet, each one of those uses 2-3 smilies? There are kids younger than the amount of life you wasted on Harmony Central that are already too mature to use forum template smilies for the love of shit. What's there left to talk about pedals and preamps after 10 years anyway? Oh yeah, you're all talking about how much my blog upsets you, so I guess nothing. 

Let me explain something to you: nobody has taken anything with "a grain of salt", while getting flustered enough to call somebody a "kunt". How does it feel to be my "seeping panty crust", now genius? Makes it too easy for me to own people when they do all the work themselves.

"I GET THAT THE ONION IS ALL MADE UP NEWS TO BE FUNNY, BUT IF THEY TRY TO PASS OFF ANY OF THEIR NEWS AS REAL TO ME, THEY ARE A BUNCH OF ELITIST JERKOFFS". If you "get" that I'm "trying to be funny and a bit facetious", then why flip out like I'm not? Do people ever stop and think before they start smashing their palms against the keyboard? By the way, everything I have ever said is 100% metal-up-your-ass-serious at all times.  

This must be a guy with Dreadlocks. Or a Korn fan.

So yeah, keep in mind. Where you post it, I can find it. Consequences will never be the same.


  1. Have they been reported to the Cyber Police?

  2. haha, keep up the sick work man XD

  3. They must all be a part of the Everybody is Friends in the Hold Hands Metal Club.

    How dare you have assertive opinions on YOUR blog, Brenocide?

  4. I like when people cry wah wah you're elitist assholes. Yes, we are. Take a hint and fuck off.

    As for a fashion contest, that's a cyclical argument because by saying our fashion "rules" are stupid, you are just embracing some other fashion agenda.

    Now let's talk shit about how gay it is to discuss the nuances of basswood and alder.

  5. I ended up here because of some cool guy posted it at Head-Fi forum. I just assumed these things were common sense, came naturally to a metalhead, but i guess i was wrong. Of course some elitists can be pricks, but if they are doing it in good humor and most of it is true, well nothing wrong with that, metal is exclusivity. I haven't said anything over there, or anywhere really, because it aint worth starting a shitstorm over it and some of the posters themselves have questionable tastes....and try too hard to be "metal" which happens a bit everywhere you go on the net.

    The chick has a fashion model in her avatar? That dude is named "deadnight warrior" :P and has some gay for an avatar?lol


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