Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Up and Coming Metal Band Looking for New Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer and maybe other Guitarist

Is this your new band?
I am We are an up and coming, actively playing progressive/thrash/death/grind/black/melodic /ACDC cover/core metal band called Kingdom of Bullets from West Springfield, Massachusetts looking for some fresh blood for our band. You may have heard of us, we were formerly known as Throne of Bullets, but had to change the name due to copyright claims from another metal band based out of Tampa Bay, Florida.

The band's primary influences:
  • Between the Buried and Me  
  • Metallica 
I've been told multiple times that we sounded like a mix between Pig Destroyer and KSE, only more progressive and extreme. Kingdom of Bullets is currently in the market for a new lead guitarist, potentially rhythm guitarist, bass guitarist and drummer. Also a female keyboard player, but it's not mandatory at the moment. You must have all of your own gear, worthy of playing venues anywhere between an audience of 25 to 25,000 people. 7-string guitars and 5-string basses are a plus to achieve the punishing lows KoB is famous for. Most importantly, you must have an image that is compatible with the band! (Absolutely NO exceptions!)

  • Hard Rock/Alternative Metal Look. If you don't own an assortment of camouflage shorts and black beanies, this isn't your band
  • No old dudes! If you're like 29 or over, don't even bother, lol.
  • Can't be over 5 feet, 10 inches tall. You're going to make me everyone look short.
  • Tattoos a Plus But they have to be metal: barbed-wire armband, tribal scorpion, grim reaper holding the ace of spades, etc.
  • Some vocal ability preferred. For backing vocals. Gutturals, clean singing, pig squeals, screaming and grunting already covered. 
  • PASSPORT A MUST! The band is currently up and coming, but plan to tour Europe within the next couple years. 
  • Band based in West Springfield. Must be willing to relocate permanently. Especially if you're the drummer.
I can't stress enough that this band will be your new job. The issues I had with the previous members of Kingdom of Bullets were a lack of dedication to the band.  You must be able to practice at least 6-8 hours a day, 7 days a week. Those with previous engagements such as, but not limited to: other bands, employment, school, church, family, children, marriage, a sex life, a social life, Thanksgiving, music lessons, probation, doctor's visits, summer camp, grocery shopping, or the attending of shows by other artists WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED!! You don't have to worry about rent and utilities when you're  living out of a van, constantly touring and promoting your band.

If you are interested, please e-mail me with a photo of yourself and demos of your previous work @

brenocide [at] thatsnotmetal [dot] com

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  1. Well played sir! My influences include Bullet For My Valentine, Alesana, and Napalm Death but I am also influenced by Hardstyle and Bebop. I play keytar and synth interchangeably, and my falsetto vocals are not too shabby. I once played for a symphonic Deathened Black Metal band named Vines Ov Sodom from Mansfield, Massachusetts. You may or may not have heard of us, but we were fvkking kvlt. Message if interested in moar details and jamming times :-)

    P.S. I go to Berklee so I'm wicked hahdcoah.

  2. I'm down.
    Here is my previous work (from 2003):

  3. Damn I'm 6'2"

    Oh yeah and I have no musical ability :)

  4. Unholy FUCK! Killed me with Laughter!


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