Sunday, April 17, 2011

No Updates from me for a Few Days

Hail my true metal brethren,

I apologize for the lack of updates yesterday. The last thing I ever want to see at the top of my page is anything related to Charlie Sheen, let alone his glazed-over, retarded face staring back at me. Personal thanks to Mattasacre for a great violation post about having a "cause", that if you haven't read already, you're going to now

Telling you that this week has been a very difficult one for me would be the understatement of the century. Without going into the gory details, I had to completely disassemble the life I've been working on for the last 8-9 months in Nashville, TN and leave it all behind to fly back home. It makes you feel pretty insignificant when you can fit your entire life into two suit-cases and a small carry-on item, but what can I say? I never was one for excess. (Or rather, could never afford it.)  I'm in the process of reassembling myself in my home state of Massachusetts, where I'm once again among family and friends who can support me in this rough patch of my life, and help me get this metal master back to his full glory.

The positive aspect in all this, is that I'm once again living in an area with a genuine metal scene and genuine musicians. Metal acts actually stop and play in my state, as opposed to drive through it to get to the places on the map that musically matter. Nashville can suck it. Country music is, and always will be, a 10-gallon hat wearing parody of its former self. The rest of music laughs at its obnoxious ability to remain relevant with retards. Even considering the things I did like about Nashville, I'm still happy to admit I won't be living in the capital of bad music anymore. 

Every 'rock artist' in Nashville had this douchey "I need to make it" mentality, and the lot of them were 40-somethings with a Les Paul, a fake tan, and a gray soul patch. If you're a guitarist with a laminated business card, you're not a guitarist. I took comfort in the fact that they'd be spending all of their artistic efforts and budget getting professional photographs of themselves holding a Gibson while leaning on brick walls looking sullen, rather than writing music people want to listen to, and ultimately die penniless and alone chasing a pipe dream. 

Everyone in church thinks you suck.
All poison aside, it was a great experience, and I feel really discouraged about things not working out in the long run. I'm not one to let moments of difficulty get me down, but I appreciate all of you guys and gals understanding that I just need a couple days off to clear my head, have some beers and laughs with old friends, and take some time to consider my next step in life. 

At this very moment, it wouldn't be a lie to say that this blog, you guys, and the metal are just about all I have right now. I've read every word of support over these months, the compliments, the encouragement, even the hilarious naysaying. Even if I haven't replied back, I've seen all of it and (save for the hate) taken it to heart. The last couple weeks have been so rough, and I've seen the quality of my writing just plummet as a result of my stress. You guys hardly deserve that. You're a flock of wayward black sheep very much in need of some serious true metal herding, and if I'm not on my game, I might lose a few of you to the wolves of shitty music. 

You can expect nothing but good things as a result of my relocation. Actual metal shows to go to and review, actual metal fans to meet up with, a potential for interviews with musicians, and most of all, more free time for me to dedicate to the site. (For the time being, anyway.) 

Special thanks from these last few months: Steff Metal, Alkahest of Heavy Blog is Heavy, Sergeant D of Stuff You Will Hate and Metal Sucks, and Rob Liz from That Devil Music for sharing my page with their readers, and in turn gaining me some new readers as well. RoCkStArBaSs100 for being a fantastic sport in all our true metal bullying, Mattasacre and Tyranneous for their awesome contributions to the site. Ed "The Infidel" Veter for suggesting the blog to his YouTube viewers. And most of all, you, the readers, who know when to not question the gospel of your true metal gods and wave the flag of true, elitist metal glory high above your heads in one hand, with a perfectly formed devil horns pointing straight forward with your thumb properly tucked in with the other. 

Keep it metal. See you soldiers of rock soon!

- Brenocide \,,/ 



  2. Por Que no Taco4/17/2011 10:42 AM

    Hell yeah man, we'll all be awaiting the next blog while destroying are ears with the finest music that is heavy metal!... wait, now what the hell am I going to read everday? Fuck :(

  3. The only good thing about Nashville is the Tenessee Titans. And only because Randy Moss is playing there.

  4. I live near Atlanta, so I get my fair share of metal shows. I've already seen Deicide, and plan on seeing Amon Amarth and Obscura this year. The bad part is that EVERYONE HERE THINKS THEY'RE A FUCKING COWBOY. And goddamn churches. Churches everywhere, on every single road. Uhg.
    Anywho, good luck with your shit.

  5. You should deal with your misfortune in the truest way possible and write a Doom album.

  6. I feel for you man, I think we all go through our rough patches in life, and I wish you the best of luck getting though this one. Looking forward to your return. KEEP IT BR00TAL, MAYNE

  7. Well the best of luck man! I'll have to try to get my share of unearthly elitism somewhere else for the coming days I guess ;)... You do what you have to and be fucking metal doing it \m/

  8. I shed some manly tears from my eyes.
    Good luck and shit!

  9. Good luck with getting things sorted out. Everyone goes through shit in life and, I know it's a cliché, but it really does make you appreciate the good stuff al the more.

    Stay metal \m/

  10. Wow, I always thought you were European or some shit, but it turns out you've been living in my city this whole time. You couldn't be more right. NASHVILLE HAS NO METAL. 'Rocketown' and 'The Muse' just have a constant onslaught of deathcore bands. I remember when Decrepit Birth and Suffocation came to the Muse, man.... such a fucking relief and I was whole again. Just knowing you've lived in Nashville and are a real metalhead relieves me fear that I'm the only one around here not into deathcore.

    Hope all goes well for you, man.

  11. We all need a break in life. I hope all goes well for you...drink a few for all of us who will miss you! Glad you are going to be around some good friends and family...and most importantly...METAL..haha. Take it easy man, we hope to see you soon, and looking up. Now, I can finally catch up on older violations, haha.
    Have a good one!

  12. When you get back I have a great video for awful metal video of the week:
    Cavalera Conspiracy - Killing Inside
    The usual performance shots mixed with the band looking meaningful and artistic as they walk round some rundown, crappy, probably brazillian town :D


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