Saturday, May 14, 2011


As you should all know at this point, I attended an Amon Amarth show in Boston last week. I know you can't wait until I shut up about that band for the rest of my life, and I promise, after this post I'm going to take like a month-long hiatus from mentioning the greatest name in melodic death metal since also Amon Amarth, but their mention is required to make an excellent point. That point, as you gathered from the title, is that America sucks, and is the worst place you can ever live as a metalhead. I used to think it was the middle east, but I'll take Melechesh and Iraqi Metallica over actual Metallica any day of the week. Considering myself an official metal representative of these United States of America, I declare my country as the least metal place on Earth. Period. Blood. 

So the show was at this place called the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA. Amon Amarth played out to a sold out capacity crowd of 120 people, and I spend 90% of the show stepping on everybody's feet and getting yelled at by the staff for standing too close to the bar when there was nowhere else to stand except on other people's feet. I had a really great time, and got to get really close to the band. In fact, the best thing about the venue, is that you were always close to the band; whether you were on the floor, on the balcony, at the bar, or taking a dump. Johan and the gang were consistently 15 feet away. I thought this was a pretty awesome experience, until I was reminded of this piece of footage: 

There was literally one moment in time when I left the bathroom and I overheard some douchey bar patron in a different section of the venue hollering "all your songs sound the same!" What's wrong with this picture? Is it: A) Amon Amarth are playing quietly enough that I can hear this chode open his homo Boston face. B) This is a place where you're able to sit and enjoy a drink while the greatest melodic death metal act in history is playing several yards away. C) All of the above. Back in their home continent of Europe, Amon Amarth are given the massive stage/sea of faces treatment at epic festivals such as Summer Breeze, Wacken Open Air, and Metal Camp. Yet here I was, peering over 50-some-odd Red Sox hats to watch them perform on a 3-foot-tall stage, in what was more-or-less a glorified dive bar. What's going on here? Simple: This is America. We don't give a shit about death metal bands, whose growling and double-bass pedals are way too extreme and underground to be appreciated by anymore than 50-200 people at a time. This is a country where the awesome and true metal are all but forsaken, and the musical stars we worship and cater to are determined by reality TV game shows, or grew up somewhere on the Disney Channel. 

A Metal Show in America
A Metal Show in Europe
But let's not be too hasty. Aren't there metal festivals in America, too? Of course there are.

Besides the fact that prominent European metal acts travel tens of thousands of miles to be typically restricted to playing in bars and basements, most of, if not all of our "metal" bands suck ass too. Even if they were once flawlessly amazing in the 80's or 90's, a capitalist society based completely off monetary gain and commercial success guarantees that over the years, an American metal band will compromise their sound so that the brain dead majority will enjoy them and start buying their albums. In a recent Q&A with Wintersun's Jari Maenpaa in an open Metal Camp chatroom, Jari revealed that he was living off Finland's Social Security system, and is basically being paid by the government to shuffle his feet around a studio, and never finish his god damn album. Similarly, in countries like Sweden and Norway, bands can actually receive government aid in the form of cold hard cash just for being artists. That is not, nor will it ever be, the case in America. We won't ever use tax payer money to assist our poor and starving, hipster they may be. If bands don't sell merch or records, they don't eat. American musicians have to suck, or else the American population, who exists solely in the realm of everything one-dimensional and void of culture and intelligence, will never buy it. We like our movies to be full of explosions and we like our burgers to be finished in 48 seconds. Thinking is not an appreciated past-time here by any spectrum.

Then you have modern American bands like Between the Buried and Me, or The Dillinger Escape Plan and all the douchetarded fans that go along with them. If it's not some simple to digest I-hate-my-parents hard rock radio mosh bullshit like Lamb of God, then its some pot-induced groovetarded sludgey proggy Relapse Records neckbeard math metal with funky time signatures, over-stated tempo shifts, and fuzzily distorted guitars and basses played through Orange brand amplifiers. As much as I admittedly enjoy listening to some bands of the latter persuasion, (definitely not the two aforementioned) every garage-level jam band thinks they can make it in metal now. So now instead of like 5-10 great prog metal acts, we have 42,000 shitty ones. Thanks again, America. The land of the free, and the home of the unintellectual, or the pseudo-intellectual. Pick your poison, lads.  

The face of modern American Metal. Treason never looked so enticing a concept. 
Don't anyone of you ever approach me about my opinion of Between the Buried and Me again. Just don't. Why even ask me? It's like asking the pope what he thinks about sodomy just to get him riled up. It's not cute, it's just retarded. You love to watch me fume and ragegasm about the latest carabiner keychain band, like you're going to get anything from me except an extremely negative response. I'm  not here to surprise you. I'm here to state the obvious in hopes that some of you dumber kids might see it for what it is. If I really wanted to surprise you, I would have written a violation about long hair, or crossing your arms at bands that suck. I cross my arms at Between the Buried and Me hard as I can cross 'em. Don't ask me questions when you already know the answer, just because you like hearing me agree with you. 

I digress. To add to the flames of the U.S's metal inferiority from the rest of the world, we just need to turn our attention to our begrudged ally across the Atlantic, Old Blighty. Where was metal invented? England. Where did Led Zeppelin come from? England. Black Sabbath? England. Judas Priest? England. Motorhead? England. Iron Maiden? England. Saxon? England. Venom? England. Bring Me The Horizon? Wait, I guess you guys suck now too. Anyway, mostly all of heavy metal's major historical landmarks and beginnings took place on that pompous little island. Then there's Accept from Germany. We just can't win. Sure, we might have formally brought the world thrash and death metal with the likes of The Big 4 and Death. But before we managed that, we had to commercially ruin heavy metal's sound with the likes of Los Angeles glam pioneers Van Halen, and we've been doing it ever since with other forms of commercialized butt rock. I also want to point out in regards to thrash and death metal, that there would be no thrash if it weren't for the likes of NWOBHM and punk music, and there certainly would be no death metal without the likes of Venom. England can officially take credit for everything good in music. Screw you, England. 

Then there's this eye-rolling fiasco of a "musical era" that's been not-so-formally referred to as the New Wave of American Heavy Metal, which none of us realized existed or had a name until we saw Metal: A Headbanger's Journey. Isn't that shit just super cute? We took NWOBHM and made it NWOAHM. How clever! See, I've always been able to pronounce NWOBHM as "new-ah-bim", but the closest thing I got for this new fangled acronym is saying something along the lines of "Now I wanna ham". Strangely fitting considering the country of its origin... 

Now show your support and buy your official Lamb of God t-shirt at our merch stand for $35. K, thanks.
Some of the more prominent acts credited for the New Wave of American Heavy Metal, (according to Wikipedia) are Lamb of God, Disturbed, Trivium, and Avenged Sevenfold. (As well as BTBAM and DEP. Go figure.) I'm sure Creed should fit on that list, considering the criteria, but I saw Devil Driver on there somewhere, so I'll just go with that. Lamb of God of course, is the flagship band for "metal fans" in baseball hats and baggy t-shirts who like their hardcore music with guitar solos and want to disrespect either society in general, or just their mother. Trivium and Avenged Sevenfold are probably the two worst things to happen to metal music since cancer, and I'm not even really sure how Disturbed made it to the list. If you ask me, I feel like Drowning Pool is totally getting snubbed on this one. Give credit where credit is due, Wiki writers.  

I'm looking over my playlist, and it's increasingly apparent to me that it's overrun by acts based in Europe as opposed to the States. Ensiferum, Eluveitie, Turisas, Korpiklaani, Einherjer, I don't know what the hell any of those names means in English. (Don't take this as an invitation to educate me.) All I know is that they are way better than the bands who's names I can easily pronounce in my own language. 

True Metal Redemption for living in America requires that you move to Norway or Sweden, file a claim with the local government that you sitting around with your thumb up your ass in a studio for half a decade is considered an "art form" and revel at their ability to give away free bags of money to lazy people like you who don't deserve it despite an increasingly harsh economic climate. Then grow depressed from a lack of motivation due to being offered such easy money and kill yourself.

I can guarantee you that there is going to be a wave of patriotards who are going to bring the butthurt big time because I just shit all over their favorite country. It is of course their favorite, because neither them or their families could ever afford to travel elsewhere. Most of these undereducated grabasses are going to assume that I don't actually live in the U.S.A and attack me from the assumed and incorrect angle that I'm a foreigner, despite I just pointed out that I went to a show in Boston. Either that, or they're going to bring up big-time American metal bands to debate me. Go for it. For every prominent, influential American metal act you can mention to me, I have at the top of my head, a European act way more prominent, way more influential, and way better at music. America sucks and it isn't metal. All 50 states can consecutively blow me.  


  1. I am English, I like Metal, and I fully support and endorse this message.

    Even Canada does better than America: Devin Townsend, anyone?

    1. Forget Townsend, what about Voivod, Razor, and Gorguts?

  2. I live in the UK and I think we're basically America jr now when it comes to modern fans/bands. We do however have one genuine metal festival in Bloodstock which draws like 10k fans every year, but personally I'd totally trade that for Maryland Deathfest. I'll throw in Venom to sweeten the deal too!

  3. Don't feel ashamed Brenocide! You "had" Pantera" But of course that wouldn't be the case is Priest weren't formed, well and for KISS, but they're of course not metal :). I feel you dude, all the way from Denmark! The only good metal we have is Volbeat, and well a new Thrash Metal band called Essence :), check them out

  4. Mikkel: Dude, you can't not mention King Diamond. Come on.

  5. Through the first half of that I was thinking, death metal, death metal, death metal, luckily you addressed that :D

    And WOO England used to win on the metal front, now we've got people like my Brother thinking Avenged Sevenfold are metal because Kerrang told him that.

  6. Alright, I'll make this a more condensed comment since there was and error with the last one I tried to post.

    1. You simply cannot disregard and downplay the contributions made by American metal bands. I will agree that Europe is awesome and all when it comes to metal, but you have to respect the bands from the US. By not doing so, you are completely disregarding the Florida death metal scene, the New York death metal scene, the NOLA sludge metal scene, the bay area thrash scene (which I don't really like by the way, but it was influential), and countless other scenes that I simply cannot just list for it would take too long.

    2. The European metal scene isn't THAT great. Sure you have your classics like Bathory, Mayhem, and the like, but you also have your fair amount of suck. You can blame the trend of metal/deathcore as of late in Europe on the US. Fair enough. But you cannot also let them get away with their shitty Gothenburg melodeath shit that Sweden has been spewing ever since In Flames and the like got popular. Same applies to Norway and their "true" Norwegian black metal bs. When was the last time you actually heard a GOOD black metal band come out of Norway? The early to mid 90s? Yeah, I thought so. Plus don't get me started on the hard-on that Europe has for fruity folk metal.

    3. We have our fair share of festivals as well. While we might not have the the multitude that Europe has, we do have Maryland Death Fest, Rites of Darkness, and even Scion Rock Fest. Besides, when was the last time that Wacken was actually any good?

    4. By glorifying Europe, you are completely overemphasizing the importance and influence of other regions of the world. North America isn't just the United States, but we also have Canada and Mexico, both of which have AMAZING metal scenes and have brought us awesome bands such as Blasphemy, Conqueror, The Chasm, Cenotaph, and others. Asia has its fair share of awesome bands, usually originating from Japan, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Australia has some awesome shit too, having spawned bands ranging from Ne Obliviscaris, Psycroptic, and Portal. Last but not least, there is South America, which not only has given us amazing bands like Sarcofago and Mutilator, but it is probably the most metal place on Earth. Go to Brazil and see if you can find someone who isn't an Iron Maiden fan.

    All in all, Europe is great and all, but it isn't all it's hyped up to be.

    1. You're the only person in this entire comments section with any brains, or who knows what they're talking about. My hat goes off to you, sir.

  7. "Trivium and Avenged Sevenfold are probably the two worst things to happen to metal music since cancer"

  8. 1.Raul, I live in Bulgaria and only in the last six months i saw Eluveitie, Korpiklaani, Alestorm, Sabaton, Nile, Melechesh, Death Angel, Suicidal Angels, Ensiferum, Children of Bodom, Blind Guardian, Rotting Christ and numerous other support bands. Last summer was even better. This one will be too. How many metal bands did you see recently?

    2. The only really metal place in America is the Bay area. At least it was. Otherwise there are great american bands, but I can count them on my fingers.

    3.I'm pretty sure he was talking about the USA, not including Canada and Mexico.

  9. 1. ToxicWaltz, out of the bands you mentioned, I only see about three bands worth mentioning. Although I haven't been to much recently, I have seen Morbid Angel, Obituary, Agalloch, Wormrot, Vektor, Witchaven, Amon Amarth, Diocletian, Blasphemophagher, and Black Witchery over the past 6 months.

    2. If you can only count a handful of great American bands on your fingers, you're either really new to metal or you have a bad taste in metal.

    3. I know he was just talking about the US, but he only referenced Europe as a comparison. The point I was making is that Europe should not be seen as this amazing place of metal, for it too is plagued with shit that every other place is plagued by as well.

  10. KiteHellScream5/14/2011 6:26 AM

    Go to Brazil and see if you can find someone who isn't an Iron Maiden fan.

    It's not hard. Really. The shows they make here are awesome, always crowded, but... you only see Iron Maiden fans (at least here in Curitiba) in concerts. Not to mention the emo poseurs who wear Maiden shirts to "look cool".

  11. "Every garage-level jam band thinks they can make it in metal now"
    I don't get it. Why do you state this fact after saying most of the "pot-induced groovetarded sludgey proggy Relapse Records neckbeard math metal" is crappy, when it is definitely easier to play some Amon Amarth rather than some BTBAM ?

  12. Since you kind of bashed technicality(maybe I read wrong) what do you say about super bands like Necrophagist and Obscura?

  13. Fuck Europe.
    I live in Germany and in my land everyone hears techno/dubstep/house shit. EVERY FUCKING ONE.
    Yes, we have Wacken, but I bet that 80% must be foreign :D I have no other explication where German metalheads shall come from. Craved out of some graves or ruins or something. :l

  14. It's posts like this that make me wanna invade an inferior infidel nation.

  15. Amon Amarth is easier to play then BTBAM? Since when? Oh, and if that's the example of euro metal that you're running with, then how about Mirrorthrone?

  16. Morbid Angel motherfuckers.

  17. Ill have to agree with you on American metal sucks though ill admit to listening to Devildriver and Lamb of god.Eruope has Miseration,Nile,Gojira,Fleshgod apocalypse,Amon Amarth,Bloodbath, and many more. Last really good thing i heard come from America recently was the new Black Dahlia and a band called Allegaeon.

  18. As much as I agree there have been new metal bands in the US that kick ass like Warbringer, Exmortus, Vektor, Witchaven, Hellcommand, Skeletonwitch, The Faceless, Decrepit Birth, Baroness.,...sure it doesnt get the respect that these guys would have in Europe and its not that much but for sure theres still some good metal bands from the states

  19. Chris #2 Nile is from South Carolina. So add them to the list of good shit America has to offer.

  20. The worst part is going from Europe to the States and then finding that the majority of good metal is from Europe... and you have no money for a plane ticket.

  21. Thats my mistake sorry about that, Also we have(had) skinless, dying fetus, and Six feet under.Im going to wikipedia shit from now on.

  22. I wonder why a brutal death metal head like Brenocide can understand my own sentiments with such sensitivity?



    3 months ago I got invited to see Hellyeah with some friends, and their venue has about 1000 people in it. Three weeks ago I saw Amon Amarth, and there were about 200 people in this tiny cramped bar.

    Truly is insulting sometimes. I felt bad for the band for having to grace our pathetic existences in our tiny bar, so to compensate I moshed as hard as I could and got cut up more than usual.


  23. Geez, menopause took a chunk out of you. Yes, metal has been pussified, but it's not the fault of any one continent or genre. America has its shitty, generic deathcore and metal core (coughthedevilwearspradacough), and europe has stupid swedecore, emocore, etc. like bring me the horizon and co. However, you seem to lump hard-working, aging metal bands like LoG in with the crowd of let's-all-give-meshuggah-a-handjob-at-the-same-time dumbfucks. Pantera passed the torch to LoG, and so LoG has had to associate itself with a slew of shitty support acts because such-and-such sponsor said so. Yes, A7x are shit, and so are BTBAM, but what about Mastodon? What about Blotted Science, for fuck's sake? These bands, and LoG, saved america from the grunge-ridden swamp of the 90s, but were then drowned out by the subsequent tsunami of death and metalcore acts of the past decade. It's just a matter of finding the light in the dark, man. Not every band can be a Bloodbath.

  24. LoG sucks as much as A7X and any of those other bands.

  25. Well you should give credit to PANTERA not everything in america sucks ass

  26. No, Pantera is fucking awful too and I blame them for creating shitty "groove" metal

  27. I find it incredibly annoying when a retard like Mikkel mentions a band like Volbeat. They're shitty. It's what would happen if Elvis tried to be metal but ended up being wannabe-metal-hard-rock.

    But to add to his statement, Svartsot is Danish and they're pretty fucking epic as a death metal band in the style of Amon Amarth just with Danish lyrics.

  28. Raul sucks. Smoke weed. I'm done here.

  29. Bands in America that are good: Macabre, Cannibal Corpse, Death, Paroxysmal Buthcering, Syphilic. And some of the Big 4.... And thats about where it ends... I think i should move

  30. @Trey, since their creation. Or prove me wrong. In terms of technicality I'd be willing to bet that BTBAM is superior to Amon Amarth.
    We're not talking about Mirrorthrone here - and even if we were, I'm not sure they are more complex, I can't know until I looked it up or tried to play some of their songs.

    What I was saying is that in the post, Brenocide complains that "Every garage-level jam band thinks they can make it in metal now", while at the same time saying that successful bands these days are pointlessly technical and changing times signatures for the sake of it. If we follow that logic, then back when most metal was simpler in terms of composition, the garage bands thought they couldn't make it ; whereas it was actually easier for them as musicians because they weren't that far from their idols.
    Got my point ?
    (Also, yes I mad because I do like BTBAM a lot and everyone here is bashing them.)

  31. Jesus Christ you guys don't know any good American bands. Black Witchery? Cosmic Atrophy? Immolation? Suffocation? Incantation? Necrovore? Profanatica? Arghoslent? Grand Belial's Key? Cobalt? Gorguts? Impaled? Rottrevore? Timeghoul? Agalloch? Neurosis? Acid Bath? Eyehategod? Jag Panzer? Fucking MANOWAR?

  32. Ok look I thought about some shit and I realize why you people are all wrong.

    Raul still sucks. But here's why he sucks: He doesn't back up anything he says with a REAL reason. I bet he failed every essay he wrote in his 9th grade English class. Try this to start: "Lamb of God sucks because..."

    Here's why American metal and European metal are different. They are derived from a variety of different influences. There are four major factors that contribute to all music: Mozart, King Arthur, Zappa, and Black people.

    In America there's metal with a little Mozart and a lot of black people. There's also music that's equal parts Zappa and Mozart. European metal is lots of Mozart and a little bit of black people or lots of Mozart and some King Arthur. Seriously, listen to your favorite albums and break down what is Mozart about it and what is black people about. You think I'm nuts but it's 100% true.

    Now here's why every American thinks American metal sucks: because we are overexposed to it. By my logic (You claim the bands suck yet you give no support as to WHY they suck, therefore you simply hate them because they are famous) all the bands you mentioned are terrible because they have fans. You people all act like metal should be huge and awesome but every time a band gets huge and awesome you shit all over them just because they are famous. Sure, I love to keep things elite but you can't just hate something because someone else likes it. It's like saying cheeseburgers suck because everyone eats them.

    Now, I know I can't change your opinions, but I hope you take the time to read this so that when you bash something, you pause to think why you are bashing it. I'm not trying to advocate a hold hands and get along lala party, I just get sick of reading how bands are terrible just because you saw them on TV one time.

    And Raul sucks because he's a closet racist that can't take a little "black people" in his metal.

  33. Por Que no Taco5/14/2011 5:40 PM

    Once again, everybody is taking this article too seriously. Of course America has great bands and of course Europe is a lot better when it comes to metal concerts. Some people man. By the way, I'm not bashing you brenocide, I'm talking about all the dumb ass comments left by some people above me.

  34. Jesus Christ, HUGE straw man fallacy all up in here. There are many reasons why LoG sucks, such as making derivative simplistic music that apes Pantera, having awful production, awful vocals, awful fans, and etc. I never claimed to dislike them due to their popularity, I dislike them because they are BAD MUSIC. Same applies to Pantera because they started off as a glam metal band, and then decided to dumb down thrash metal to appeal to other dumb metalheads.

    Secondly, what the fuck does your argument about Mozart and black people have to do with ANYTHING? There is no proof that is the case other than you saying "trust me guys." You don't even qualify and define what "Mozart" and "Zappa" are supposed to be, rather you just assume that we know what you're talking about. Yes, I have heard Zappa and Mozart, but by what aspects of these musicians are contemporary bands influenced by today? Structure? Melody? Chord progression? It's a ludicrous "argument" that is not backed up by anything.

    Third, you make sweeping generalizations as to why "every American thinks American metal sucks." Let me get this clear, you believe that overexposure is the cause of dissent toward American metal? (1. American metal bands are hated because they are famous. 2. All Americans hate American metal. 3. If American metal bands are hated because they are famous, then all Americans hate American metal. 4. I am an American and I like American metal. 5. It is not the case that all Americans hate American metal. 6. Thus, it is not the case that American metal bands are hated because they are famous.) I hate bands like LoG and Pantera because their music is aurally unpleasing; I couldn't care less about how popular they are. I can hate the metal band across the street because of that same reason (being aurally unpleasing), but I cannot hate them for being famous because they're just shitty local band

    Lastly, you're just blatantly attacking me. Even if I were a closet racist, that has nothing to do with the argument at hand.

  35. I can't believe nobody's mentioned Iced Earth as a great American band.

  36. Because they're not great.

  37. ... and Raul loses the game.

  38. BTW Gorguts is from Canada.

  39. Bit of a mental slip there, meant to say Goreaphobia.

    Also, Iced Earth: same riff for 20 years

  40. America! Your dum bekaus America is da best cuntry ever and prodused grate metal like Poison and Motley Crue and Skid Row. Without awesome bands like that metal wouldn't exist. You suck Brenocide.

  41. All those riffs are completely different and I can put an awesome song to each one. It's a speed metal guitarist thing, bro. Hahaha.

  42. In your response to me, your second paragraph made little sense to me. If you'd be so kind as to link me to where he said things along those lines, then I'd appreciate it. Also, you should check out Mirrorthrone. Shits great.

    As for Lamb of God:

    Good shit.

  43. Speed metal? No, it's bad power metal. And sure, while there might be some slight variations there, it's still basically just really annoying triplets spammed throughout the entire thing (their career).

    Also, you're not doing yourself any favors by positing any LoG songs (my god I forgot how atrocious those vocals are). But really, stay away from LoG and Pantera, listen to Exhorder instead.

  44. Thankfully, I am relocating from Nashville, Tennessee to either Italy, Germany, Finland, or Sweden.

  45. @Trey, oh I do like Mirrorthrone, I just haven't focused on the skill required to play their music.

    Okay, I'll try to explain it again...
    "Every garage-level jam band thinks they can make it in metal now" while "pot-induced groovetarded sludgey proggy Relapse Records neckbeard math metal with funky time signatures, over-stated tempo shifts" is successful.
    The 1st sentence assumed that back it the days, jam bands didn't think they could make it. But successful music was easier to play/compose. So jam bands could more easily make music that sounded kinda like the successful bands, therefore think they could make it too.

    If I failed to make myself understood with this one I'll give up.

  46. Arnold: Do you know what a "jam" band is? It's a bunch of dudes with instruments just randomly playing music together with no earlier collaboration. They just start playing whatever the fuck they want and the other members try and keep some rhythm with one another. Understand what I'm saying now? With the popularity of sludge and prog rock, "JAM" bands now think THEY can make it in METAL. Holy shit, dude.

  47. Okay, my bad. I guess I was confused by the "garage-level". So yeah, you were just saying that these bands have no/random song structure - which is something I disagree with anyway but there's no point discussing it.
    Sorry about this.

  48. Everyone knows that Disturbed and Lamb of God are the best metal bands ever. Europe has nothing on American metal bands. I'm from Canada btw so I'm not being patriotic.

  49. oh-okay, do not ever compare disturbed to LoG again. Please. disturbed are fun and all, but certainly nu-metal more than anything else. Anyway, I appreciate the purpose of this site, but sometimes metal elitism consumes itself because musical taste is borne from everything from social circles, income bracket, country of origin, to the movies you watched as a kid. I appreciate the purists on here, but when you start insulting pantera it might be time to step back and reconsider a few things. Every country, every scene, and every genre has a million shitty bands that make the rest look bad. Are there thousands of shitty black metal bands? Yes. Death metal bands? Absolutely. Music elitism is the worst thing to happen to fans, because they take potshots at everyone else's musical taste while ignoring the flaws of -their- favorite bands.

  50. Quit being butthurt because your favorite bands suck

  51. Pantera should be a violation.

  52. Hi I'm from Norway!

    Testament is fucking amazing!
    And you got Symphony X and Dream Theater.
    Brain drill, Suffication, Odious Mortem, Origin, Element, Melecolent Creation, Sanctuary, Abus,Mindwarp Chamber, Judas Iscariot and Xasthur is belive it or not pretty damn good Black Metal bands from USA. And alot more...

    Well, my conclusion is: there are alot of great Metal bands in the US, but you find the best bands in Europe.

    But HipHop Metal(Nu Metal)?What the fuck where thay thinking?
    And all the core bullshit?...fuck that!!!

  53. To:"oh-okay":Disturbed the best Metal band? You got to be fucking kidding me!! That's not even real Metal!!!!

  54. I would say to dagbil, "Europe has the best metal huh? Well we got MORBID ANGEL," but based on samples I've heard from their new album, I cannot in goodwill say that anymore.

  55. Brenocide has officially made the best article to get the most out of some butt hurt people... like Raul. Seriously man, calm down. You do know your arguing with someone over the internet right? That's the lowest form of arguing. Plus, you're taking this blog way to seriously. You'll probably respond to this too, considering how you want attention so much. Well, I propose that anyone following my comment should just ignore Raul. He's too stupid to admit that what he is doing is not metal and that he should leave. There, I've said my piece. Remember, ignore Raul. He doesn't deserve the right to speak to metal gods like us

  56. @dagbli Not real metal? Disturbed is metal in its truest form. Ever since Black Sabbath metal has been refining itself to perfection. Disturbed is metal perfected.

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. I never understood this whole thing about european metal being so much better than American metal. It's just the fact that people get so serious about it....lighten up, good metal is good metal, it can come from mars for all I care.

    Anyway I don't know about everybody else, but I live in Northern Virginia, and I DEFINITELY have an opportunity to see all the bands I like. There's a venue about 15 minutes away that books almost exclusively metal, many of the acts international. I'm 20 minutes from D.C. and Baltimore, between which there's about 3 metal clubs with a capacity of 500 or more and several bars with a little less than that. I'm an hour and a half from Richmond, which actually has about 4 venues on its own. I'm generally happy with this. I get the opportunity to see maybe 30 bands a year (but of course time and money restrict how many I can see) and I've seen all of my favorite bands live except for one. The one I haven't seen? Death. Yeah, I won't be seeing them anytime soon. Anyway, even all this being said, I wouldn't put it past Brenocide if this post was about 70 percent satire.

  59. Lulz at people being butthurt over what I said. If you can't argue or take the heat, just leave the hall. You claim that I am butthurt, but if you want so far as to create a name that says "Raul Blows" and do nothing but belittle me, then who's the one that's butthurt?

  60. I was going to say something but it's not even fun anymore because everyone is getting too whiney.

    Oh yea, and Florida is America's wart covered cock and any metal that came out of it in the past 40 years is its clap infected jizzwad. How about that for a generic statement?

  61. Sure is shitstorm a brewin' here

  62. @Microcommie, "good metal is good metal, it can come from mars for all I care."
    Guess what ? French metal band Gojira has made an album called From Mars To Sirius. That's why we win.

  63. you fucked with btbam, fuck this website....

  64. Por Que no Taco5/16/2011 7:39 PM

    lol at Complete Music Whore's comment. I don't know if that person is being serious or not but still, lol.

  65. Try Agalloch. Great american metal band that is constantly being mistaken for a european one.

  66. What a coincidence i just went to see them a few weeks ago, didn't know Jari was on i guess. I just wanted to let you know that LA does not disappoint, i have seen metal crowds on Youtube (yes even in Europe) that are shit, but i will have you know it's always been solid when i see AA and you can tell because the band responds to it. Of course i went in expecting to see and hear my share of poserness since they are pretty popular though i can't believe someone over there talked shit to them during the show.
    ^ That guy is fucking awesome right there! He shares my name and took what i was going to say out of my mouth.

  67. 1. Florida death metal (Morbid Angel, Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Disincarnate, Obituary)
    2. USBM (Judas Iscariot, Leviathan, Woe, Krieg, Weaking, Havohej)
    3. Post-Metal (Neurosis, Isis)
    4. Sludge (EYEHATEGOD, anything with Matt Pike)
    5. VON
    7. Basically anything thats signed by HHR

    I'd say thats the main reasons that one should not completely discredit the contribution that the US has made to metal. And lets not forget that Europe also gave us bands like Nightwish, Epica which I think Is ALMOST as bad as some "core" bands.
    But their is much logic in this article considering that that basically every single US band that has achieved a commercial success has been terrible. (AX7, LoG, any scene-core band, Pantera)
    (yes I don't like LoG and Pantera mostly because I think there song progressions are terrible and their riffs are just bad. But please don't get you butt-hurt its not what we are talking about)
    I think one just needs to look at the Underground scene in the US which is absolutely amazing.
    And on another note I think having smaller shows is much better then massive stadium concerts and I would much rather go to maryland deathfest then wacken any day.

  68. The US has been quite influential to metal. Let's see, apart from thrash and death, bands like Kiss and Van Halen have been good and influential, without Van Halen we wouldn't have shredders and without Kiss probably Black Metal wouldn't be around. Then there are groove bands like Pantera and Exhorder, and rap metal like Rage Against The Machine, which you can't deny are good. Also alternative metal like Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. Then of course some of the 80s bands like Armored Saint, Manowar, Skid Row and even some Motley Crue(just Dr. Feelgood era though). And of course stoner metal like Kyuss and Sleep. Also, Europe has had it's share of fail stuff, like later Def Leppard, some of Priest's and Maiden's stuff, Rammstein(God I hate Rammstein) and Whitesnake. So all in all, Europe is better, but not by a landslide like you imply.

  69. While I do love BtBaM, I'm not gonna get butthurt and write a paragraph, but if it helps I'm not the neckbeardo douchebag type. I'm quite well-rounded in metal, European, American, both North and South, Asian, and African, because it exists there somehow. Antarctica needs to hurry up.

  70. Also, I tried to go to that Amon Amarth show, but learned it was sold out and did the walk of shame back to the bus... if anyone saw a Katon De Pena looking mofo there wearing a Hirax shirt and looking rather sullen, that was I. cheers, fuckers.

  71. "Without Kiss probably Black Metal wouldn't be around."

    Leave. Just leave.

  72. I was refferring image wise, not musical wise, I should have specified that.

  73. Darkthrone6796/06/2011 4:22 AM

    Just to clarify, I'll say that Amon Amarth are the best of the Melodic Death Metal Genre, but that genre is pretty dire as a whole.

  74. First of all, the reason nobody gives a shit about Amon Amarth in America is because they're not American and they're not big enough that they'd have a big enough following in Boston of all places.

    Second, this whole metal elitist thing is bullshit. I know because I used to be like that when I was 15. It's a close minded and retarded way to look at music to have a list of rights and wrongs, rules and principles that you base off weather or not something is good music. Just use your ears to listen and if you like the way it sounds it's good. It seems you just wait to hear one thing you disapprove of and disregard the entire band based on it, if you put on a song expecting to hate it you probably will, you have to go in with an open mind. A lot of kids have this "elitist" issue where they analyze music based on everything BUT the way it sounds, it's not politics, you either like the sound or you don't, who gives a fuck if the band has breakdowns or if they're popular or underground or what they look like? Also I know you're not a kid, that's not what I was implying.

    Third, you go on saying you know what is and isn't metal, what is and isn't brutal. Saying Lamb of God suck and Deathcore isn't metal and stuff like that. Honestly deathcore is 99% talentless generic shit, and Lamb of God went way down hill. But you list bands like Ensiferum, Eluveitie, Turisas, Korpiklaani, Einherjer as examples of great music from Europe that you listen to, and say the states has shit music to offer in comparison. You know why there aren't bands like that in the states? Because all those bands are based on European folk music, why the hell would you expect bands like that in the states? and as far as what is and isn't metal, you know what's really not brutal? Folk music. Accordion, Flute, Violin, whatever random assortment of instruments you might find in say a Bulgarian folk band. What the hell is so brutal and metal about these guys playing folky European sounding leads over some distorted guitar and singing about dragons and fantasy, wishing they were elves? I don't see whats so metal about that, when folk metal and viking metal and that shit just sounds like a crossover between really bland uncreative metal and a polka band?

  75. 1. Amon Amarth have an enormous following in the States, thanks. The show sold out impossibly fast and was jammed to capacity for a reason.

    2. It's a cute theory, but I don't sit and wait to listen for broken rules in deathcore songs and Lamb of God songs. I hate them from start to finish. It's safe to say that you dislike Justin Bieber's music right? Why? I highly doubt you've heard all his music and are just judging him based on the few songs or one song you've heard of his. You close-minded, elitist immature fuck you. Get off your high horse and take your self-righteous open-minded hold hands crap to a hippie drum circle jerk. I have standards with the music I listen to. Deal with it or change your maxi pad.

    3. Pretty sure along with those groups, I mentioned Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Saxon and Accept. Nice job failing to mention those even though they came up earlier in the article. Want to call that folk? There goes your argument right down the toilet. I'd give you a complimentary prize for failing so hard, but this isn't Double Dare, so I guess you can just go fuck yourself.

  76. wow. guy just got destroyed. i think new violation: arguing with brenocide.

  77. 1. Arguing based "off weather" is too subjective and random, like a menopausal woman. It's a nice theory, Hamsandwich. Even still, Brenocide wins because we have destructive shit weather right now that even the space station can see.

    2. This is Brenocide's blog so he wins by default.

    3. Elitism is not reserved for 15-year-old children. As you age you either get more angry or complacent. By remaining angry, we can do something. Being complacent, one has fallen into a realm of acceptance. We will never accept bullshit. Apparently, you have.

  78. This blog kind of sucks.

  79. I feel ashamed when some oblivious dane fails to mention King, but mentions Volbeat, the absolute ass of danish "metal". May Dr. Landau torch your coffin.

  80. Heavy Metal Elitist . . . lol. That's like being a Sports Enthusiast Elitist . . . an Elitist in something that should never be taken very seriously, and is essentially irrelevant to my fate in general.
    Unless you have some sort of formal training in music, it is pointless to argue about music. They all play the same 12 notes. That's right, your precious Amon Amarth plays the same notes as Ke$ha, and probably in a much more similar manner than you would care to acknowledge. Get over it.

  81. im a 14 year old from puerto rico
    and one think i know is that puerto rico is not metal
    this year i saw destruction in a small place
    and i could not enter the mosh because of my old unmetal dad
    dying fetus , origin and suffocation are cuming to
    iron maiden came
    ozzy came
    rotting christ came and i missed them
    so you gringos are much luckier that me
    so dont complain
    imagine in haiti or dominican republic
    i dont even want to imagine it

  82. @zensouth: If Brenocide is not to be taken seriously like you say, then why are you commenting in typical butt hurt fashion? Something must have bothered you.

    Oh, you can only critique music if you have formal training? Damn, then that means most people in the world are not aloud to give an opinion. Take your bullshit elsewhere man. I'm seeing more and more of this now. If you don't play an instrument, you can't judge? That's like saying if you're not a professional body builder, then you can't judge someone on improper weight lifting.

    Basic rule of weight lifting. Have a spotter.

    Amon Amarth does not equal Kesha, no matter how mush you won't acknowledge that. Get over it.

    @Anon: You are the most metal kid on this blog. Stay true man ;)

  83. this writer is always full of shit. no more words needs to be said and its factual, violent masochistic self prasing self awarding faggot because he thinks he knows so much about metal, writer can just blow me right here, fuck this website and all the articles the guy writes what a huge massive and undeniable headache i have recieved from the biggest pile of shit manfifesto i have EVER read on the whole entire internet. stuck in the past, well fuck the past you duche tard get over yourself you know nothing.

  84. Dark Castle, Bison B.C., Municipal Waste, High on Fire, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Baroness, The Sword, Nile???



  85. Ok so Bison is from Canada.

    All hope is lost.

    Thanks for nothing, America...

  86. Wellmannered7/11/2011 1:40 PM

    All metalhead immigrants: welcome to Sweden. You will be accepted. Except douchebags. You will be shot on sight and your meat will be sold at a picturesque market.

  87. Fuck your bullshit "metal" festivals. Id take a sweet 10-20 dollar show at a club over one of those any day. Id rather see bands i actually like other than all that stupid fucking guitar hero bullshit. Power metal, ha more like awkward fat smelly guy metal.

  88. I am American and i agree with this completely,all metal is now in America is a joke.

  89. I am the only good American metal band, and I suck, hell, I'm not even a band. Yeah, I actually agree with you. So what? You're still a POSEUR. (arms crossed again)

  90. James Louderback8/05/2011 7:49 PM

    I still think that American power metal beats the shit out european flower metal (german power metal is good though), but like I said compare ManOwar and all the other american power metal bands to those weak ass synthfested renaisance fairies. mabey it's just me but I just think there is a massive difference between oldschool american power metal (like bands like Fatal Violence) to modern european power metal (like rhapsody of fire). Am I being too harsh on EuroPM I just can't stand the fruity-ass choruses and cheesy knight theme goddamn keyboards.

  91. This comment has been removed by the author.

  92. wow, only now I'm reading this post, and even though it's not written from a black metal elitist point of view (which would be the most elitist of the elitist's angle, as I shall clarify sometime in the future), it just nailed it in the head!

  93. Mohammed Ibn Lahab8/07/2011 3:23 PM

  94. This sites full of hypocritical statements.
    Endorse Amon Amarth as good European metal
    Bands that wear their own merch aren't metal.
    Every time I hear a somebody talk about Amon Amarth, they can only name one or two songs. One of them consisting of "Twilight of Thunder God". The band themselves also spit out the most generic riffs I've heard.

    herp derp.
    Honestly do all the writers on this site just listen to garbage? You guys made it seem like every American show sucks, and everything we produce is garbage. Enjoy you're overpriced "concerts" where you're unable to even talk to the band afterward, while being rubbed up against another million guys, when I can go to a show for 10-20 dollars, and actually have fun, and talk to the artists afterward.

    Also I'm not butthurt, I just love that these guys think they're "metal elitists" and listen to the most mainstream garbage.

    Here's a few good bands for you guys though!
    The Faceless
    I Declare War
    Rings Of Saturn
    Thy Art is Murder
    Veil of Maya
    Animals as Leaders

    Mad "Metal Elitists?"

  95. A few good bands for us = Mainstream deathcore.

    Not that mad, thanks bro.

  96. Yeah, Necrophagist, The Facless, and Cryptopsy = Deathcore? Wut?
    I guess the other bands are classified as deathcore, but they're all technical as fuck.


  98. I agree ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. I live in the UK, and at the moment we are not living up to the standards set by our forefathers (statistically, there is a good chance that Lemmy is in fact all our fathers, so even more pressure). Also, Iron Maiden should have been at the front of that list. Don't forget AC/DC, who are have English and arguably half Scottish. With an Aussie drummer, but still, Australians are basically British.

  99. Isis kicks the shit out of any "br00tal" generic European Death or Black Metal act. Don't get me wrong, Europe has some great shit and a LOT of America's bands suck, but when a USA band is great, they're fucking GREAT.

  100. Not gonna bother making an account buy my name's Emmet Kiernan and I'll sign all my anonymous posts.

    Eh so what do you think of the new wave of thrash acts from America, like Muncipal Waste or Bonded By Blood?

  101. Someone in the comments spoke about Danish metal yet forgot to mention AUTUMN LEAVES, a true unknown gem of the 90's Scandinavian melodeath scene. Real good stuff.

  102. Corpse Tumor10/09/2011 9:42 AM

    Brenocide I could swear you just implied that all of the up and coming emo, mallcore, and pop-punk acts out there deserve my money and support regardless of their talent or chances at success or my opinion of them... but that would be silly. Good article.

  103. ok, cereal? no mention of SLAYER whatsoever?

  104. Metal? Don't talk to me about Metal...

  105. looks like everyone has forgotten bands such as I Shalt Become and Lord Foul...not to mention the almighty and sacred Hierophant.

  106. has everyone forgotten about the amazing thrash scenes in the US? Thats way better then some faggy norwegian black metal band.

  107. Raul, the 'Metal Expert.' There is possibly noone less Metal than he. This is because all he does is argue about bands noone gives a shit about and just for being a so-called 'Metal Expert' in the first place.
    Plus his over-use of the word "butthurt." Christ, I hate Internet slang.

    Anyway, loved the article. I'm a little late to the game but I have read almost all of them and I am loving the site.

  108. but... you know, all of Amon Amarths songs DO sound the same

  109. Every time someone says american metal is better i just say 'KREATOR' over and over again until theyshut the fuck up. And by the way, I'm American

  110. I live in the U.S. and agree with u like 94% only cause you left some good American metal bands like ICED EARTH, KAMELOT, and MANOWAR etc., bottom line I think part of it is cause America is filled lots of trailer trash and wiggers while Europe doesn't have as much of that and their more educated judging by their test scores

  111. Luckily I live in Holland, close to Graspop,Wacken Open Air,Hellfest,Rock AM Ring,Werchter Boutique,Metal Camp etc. and we have fucking awesome underground metal here, also the metalheads here, have long hair,wear black denim jeans,bullet belts(the real M-60 full brass one's not the emo hot topic one's)leather jackets,denim jackets filled with patches... I love it here

  112. Real funny text.

    I am positiv surprised of this self reflection and I do agree to your opionon a lot.

    There are just a few US Metal bands I even CAN listen to, without getting bloody ears.
    There are just fewer bands I like. Such like Manowar, Type o Negative a bit Slayer and this like...

    Ya well... I guess I wouldn't use so harsh words as you did, though.
    But I think I understand you. I would be pissed off a lot too, if I would live in a country which metal music I dislike.

    Im greatfull to live here in europe at this rate xD

  113. dumbfuckistan12/26/2012 9:38 PM

    well, you've got SLAYER!!!!
    that's enough!

    US bands i like:


  114. I used to think India was the worst place to be a metalhead but then Eluveitie played in a relatively remote part of the country and thousands of people showed up. I haven't hated this place since the day.

  115. A lot of venues in the US suck dick. There's some homeless guy in the restrooms begging for money for being your toilet slave even though you never asked for any help, but you need it since he basically doesn't let you get anywhere near the paper towels and/or soap. That alone should be enough to make any decent human being sick to the stomach.

    Not to mention some snappy, overweight security woman standing outside setting you up with an annoying fucking wristband. The posers at the venues, and the lame crowds.

    Oh yeah, and then there's the venues that don't put the beer in a plastic cup which you could just drop on the fucking floor when you're done with it. You actually have to get away from your spot and put it somewhere, or bring it back to the bar. A lot of those places don't even offer special chips you can use to buy some fucking beers. Nah, fuck customer service! You have to get out your wallet out each time. Thank you, ma'am. And parking is hard to come by too. And if there is any parking at all, half the time it's going to cost you just as much as you paid for your ticket. All small things that add up to a big, steaming pile of shit and vomit atmosphere. And those are just the venues.

    Then there are the bands. Sure, there are some good acts to be found. Mostly in the thrash scene. Though the ratio of great to shitty bands is generally 1 to 3000. In Europe this is more like 1 to 30. All the shitty metalcore and deathcore; what a fucking joke. "Hey, guys, listen to me pseudo-growling and singing in a high pitch about my bitch ex-girlfriend while my band indulges in yet another breakdown. But bro, while you're letting us rape your ears, you should be able to have something to show for it, so stretch your ears up bro and put some nice hoops in them so you can look like an African tribesman to support our culture of br00t4l m3tulz." They'll probably start wearing neck rings next. Fags. Get some more shitty slut-tattoos on your back while you're at it too.

    I suppose it's the cultural differences though. What culture is there anyway? If it's any consolation to US citizens, in about 50 years maybe your culture will be as great as the European culture is now, and hopefully you will see a decrease in fat, ear-hooped, pubic-hair bearded retards, and an increase in awesome bands. Of course Europe will be 200 years ahead of you by that time, so your music will probably still suck ass compared to European tunes.

    Not to mention the shit music scene in the UK though, which is just as bad, if not worse, really. No self-respecting European considers them to be true Europeans. They're wanna-be Americans and vice versa. British and Americans overall have shitty taste and culture. Not to mention some of the highest obesity, STD, teen pregnancy and abortion rates (despite of all the sex ed, which most Euro schools don’t even have) of any developed country. If that doesn’t say anything about their fucked up culture I don’t know what does. Look it up.

    If (only) they were all fucking fags/"bum boys”…Then I would wish the UK would just drift off, away from Europe, to be with its long-lost, retarded twin brother. They're an embarrassment to Europe. What fucking happened? There was so much potential and now it's all shit. Pathetic.

    But then again; who would expect more from a country where they cut off the tip of your dick for bucks, and expect you to tip for your dickshit even though you put down the bucks, because if you don't they'll put their tipless dicks in your shit, ‘cause they don’t get paid enough bucks not to be tipped. They don’t want help though; they want it their way, for they are the best country in the world! United? One of the most divided countries in the fucking world. Stubborn dicks.

    I feel sorry for US and UK citizens that do actually have half a brain and an ear for what's good music, that have to put up with all that shit.


    Vikke the European

  116. The sound in the States is just overally derivative and blatantly copies the 90s-00s Euro revolution whether it be gothic or black metal, its still so damn obvious. Example the gothic metal thing with the dumb female singer doing operatic vocals or a mix of beauty (clean female vocals) and beast (harsh male vocals) took off in the States and became hugely marketable with Evanescence when it was other bands like Nightwish and Theatre of Tragedy that still would go unnoticed Stateswide. Now, you already had women being exploited in metal from the longest time in Europe to bands nobody's ever heard of like Metal Lady to the semi-popular but still underground in the States of Doro to uber mainstream (but currently washed up) like Lita Ford. So there's a history but heavily backed corporate bands stuff like Halestorm is metal is bit like passing off the White Stripes as metal.

    Even when we have underground bands that nobody knows about in my local "scene", (could it even be called that?), its so overly derivative of the older bands and there is little to no acknowledgement of it. Some bands sound more mainstream and pop than don't bring the epic sound of their Euro counterparts. I don't like having to sit or skip these bands who try and become opening acts whenever a legendary band comes into town either. It is very tiresome and I wish they would just go away but you deal it as carrying an incurable disease. It will always be there, just ignore it.


All readers that post under the name "Anonymous" and are too frail and weak to represent themselves properly with a title, shall be deemed false metal poseurs for the remainder of their pitiful existence.