Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Look Who's More Metal Than You...

In my never-ending quest for true metal glory, I occasionally stumble upon a few oddities in the metal archives, relics of times past that have eroded from our collective memories for either good or ill.

For the most part, there is a very good reason these oddities have been forgotten. Either they are too absurd to work or are just plain horrible. However, that being said, the other day I stumbled upon this...

It’s a bunch of Black guys. That play metal! Not some stupid rap/funk hybrid, but honest to God, true, awesome metal.

The band are called Black Death (I would have personally chosen Iron Shaft, but that’s just me...) and sound pretty much exactly as they look, Classic metal al la Priest, Angel Witch etc played by a bunch of Black guys.

Putting aside the false stereotype that metal is listened to exclusively by white dudes (seriously, go to South America and find me someone who doesn’t worship Iron Maiden) how can anyone not think this is the best thing ever? I mean, just look at them!

Unfortunately, these guys only ever managed to release one album, their self-titled 1984 debut, which I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy.

Alternatively, you can listen to one of their songs here.

It kinda makes me sad that these guys never quite took off. Who knows? If these guys had gotten big, there may have never been a Limp Bizkit and other such well off White boys ripping off Black music. Perhaps, instead of gunshots, the Ghetto’s could have rung loud with the sound of clashing steel and glorious metal.

I can dream, can’t I?


  1. KiteHellScream4/26/2011 3:49 AM

    (seriously, go to South America and find me someone who doesn’t worship Iron Maiden)

    While there are lots of guys here (I live in Brazil) that worship Maiden...

    It's not all that hard to find someone who despises metal. Just go to any beach in Rio de Janeiro, and ask people about Iron Maiden. They'll first laugh at you, and them rob you.

  2. No one is more metal than me. Nice try though.

  3. His pants are ripped because they can't contain his metal.

  4. Is the skull guy wearing a diaper?? There's a safety pin on the front and it looks like a goddamned diaper!

    good song though

  5. ToxicWaltz: Hi, I'm Brenocide. I don't think we've met.

  6. Man, wouldn't that be like some White Man's Burden type shit? Instead of white kids acting like black 'gangsta' wanna-bes, all the black kids would be acting like white metal poseurs.

  7. If only my brothas would invest in head bangery instead of thuggery...


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