Friday, April 15, 2011

Charlie Sheen invites Asking Alexandria to go on "People still like me, right?" Tour

I know next to nothing about the whole current Charlie Sheen situation. Here is what I do know: he was in Platoon. Not much else. I heard that he got kicked off of the prime time television series, "Two and Half Men" for being an insane drunken douche like he's always been. He tried to sue the producer, acted a damn fool, and on the way from there to now, he's concocted this plan to pull this ham-fisted Conan-style comeback to trick people into still considering him relevant, by going on "tour". 

Who does he ask to perform as his opening act? OH... MY... GOD!! None other than British trancecore breakdowners Asking Alexandria, of course. 

The greatest part of this bit of celeb news? They turned him down. That's right, Asking Alexandria would rather do their crab bounce act in some shady dive-bars per usual, than earn massive amounts of publicity sharing a stage with this human loser. That's gotta hurt. Especially considering Sheen and Warsnop have that whole alcoholism thing in common.

Special thanks to Ryan Hoffman for the news submission! 


  1. What the hell? Charlie Sheen on tour? What would he even do? Sing songs or tell jokes? And why would he think Asking Alexandria would be a good opening act for that? This is really fucked up.

    They just missed out on the oportunity of a lifetime. Charlie Sheen is a God. Fuck sake, I'd pay his salary just to suck his dick.

  3. I think he just wanted the shittest band he could find to play before him to make him look better.

  4. He was also in Red Dawn which I think is much better than Platoon.

  5. Hot Shots and Hot Shots Part Deux two of my favourite films ever.

    And so concludes my knowledge of Charlie Sheen.


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