Friday, September 11, 2015

Hey Metal Bands: Grow Up When you Break Up

Hey guys, just a quick post from my phone weighing in about all the recent Cynic drama.

I'm not gonna mince words here: musicians are babies. Young, naïve, stupid, jaded and entitled. Sometimes, not even young, despite actions that would make you believe otherwise. Cynic is just the latest example of the sort of immature assclownery we've come to expect from artists of any status or age. These are people we once respected, if only out of ignorance of their character. Social media has changed that. The concept of PR is essentially dead. Famous people have smartphones now. They have Facebook, they have Twitter. They, like anybody these days, are just a few thumb taps away from exposing their true colors to the world.

These people I once looked up to, are no longer my idols, my legends. They're just assholes. Assholes like everybody else. Usually more so than everybody else. Glorious they may be at their craft, as human beings they are totally fallible and flawed.

Recently The Metal Archives added "Disputed" as a band status. I find this fucking disgusting. Not on the part of Metal Archives, of course, but on the part of the band members' actions on social media that have made this addition very necessary. What's there to "dispute" about? If you guys can't come to terms with each other regarding someone in the band or everyone in the band, break up. Or, kick the offending member out. It's a joke that something like "Venom INC" exists. Either be Venom or be something else. 

But if you're gonna kick someone out. Put your big boy pants on and say it to their fucking face. At least pick up the phone and call them. Have a conversation. There was no excuse regarding the fact that David Vincent was the dead last guy to know he was out of Morbid Angel. The rest of the world heard all about it before he did. 

How the hell does that happen? How have we developed into this culture where we air our grievances to the rest of the world about someone before airing our grievances to that someone? This Cynic nonsense is on the exact maturity level of letting your high school sweetheart know she's been dumped by ending the relationship status on Facebook. The public back and forth between Masvidal and Reinert that ensued afterwards was even worse. 

You guys are professional musicians, so start acting like professionals. If you want to break up the band, don't tell me. Don't tell Joe Shmoeback from Ontario. Don't tell your Aunt posting cat pictures. Tell the goddamn band. Tell the people you developed a working relationship with for years. 

Sort out your business with each other like adults. Until then, it isn't any of ours. 

Happy 9/11

- Deth Leppard


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