Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Review: Satanic Cake Off

The Cakemageddon is upon us.

Want to know why this is better than something like Blackosh? Intent. The one time you can break the rule of what black metal is about is for intentional comedy. Where Blackosh comes off as steaming load of insincere bullshit using black metal as a pretense to make themselves look evil, Satanic Cake Off is up front about it's intentions. It doesn't grab my interest in a way that will make me keep coming back, but at least it isn't pretending to be something it isn't.

Satanic Cake Off, is a web series in which members of metal bands decorate a cake in an attempt to outdo Big Winter, the host of the show. A black metal song that describes the building of each cake is played as they are made and after they are finished the cakes are presented to concert goers to vote on and the losing cake is destroyed.

I appreciate the work put into it and I certainly think that when the right audience sees it Winter's work will really shine. Cake based antics may not give me a throbbing metal erection but it is sure to be enjoyed when seen by the right person. So go ahead and watch because, as Anthrax and Gwar have taught us, there is always a place for comedy in metal.


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