Friday, January 8, 2016

The Thrash Corner: Winter's Doom Giveaway and the Premiere of Vermin Lord

Do you want a free copy of Winter's Doom? Of course you do. Look at yourself, panting like an animal in heat. You yearn for it don't you? Well here's your chance. We have two copies of Winter's Doom for you to compete for, an I'll even walk you through the steps since your thoughts must be clouded with desire.

Step One: Dress yourself like a mighty warrior from the grim darkness of the frozen north.

Step Two: Take a picture of yourself. If you have friends, have one them take the picture for you while you pose like a golden god.

Step Three: If that friend wasn't metal, kill them.

Step Four: Send that picture along with your mailing address to,

Step Five: Wait until the 22nd when the winners are announced and if you sent in one of the two most metal pictures you'll get a copy of Winter's Doom sent to you in the mail.

Next up we have another lesson from Alan entitled: Frozen Zombies, Dealing with the Plague of the Yukon.

Alan: The zombies up here are seasonal and only emerge in the winter. They hibernate in the summer as they dislike the sun and its warmth. In reality, they're slow and extremely dumb, and aren't much of a threat unless you are somehow dumber than they are. In the short summer month (July) a few zombie raiding parties are sent out to exterminate any known dens in the area. They are limbed via chainsaw, doused in jet fuel and then the fireworks ensue. Some of their more valuable bones are collected and carved into drumsticks which are available on the Yukon's black market.

And to close out the work week, Metal Snob hosts it's first exclusive song release, Vermin Lord. So please, sit back and enjoy some new SANKTUARY.


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