Monday, August 10, 2015

Elitist News - Nergal Performs With Venom, Fan Spends A Full Song Watching Through Camera

Nergal performed with Venom at the Alcatraz festival. Thankfully, some DOUCHE with a camera was there to waste his time recording it instead of enjoying the show. We shouldn't have to tell you this again, but your super special concert experience means fuck all to those of us that see it on the internet later. You wasted valuable minutes, that could have been spent basking in the metal glory of the moment, to record a video for a bunch of people that don't deserve to see it.

And to anyone who watched this for any reason other to confirm that it was indeed a crappy live video taken by a fan? You're part of the problem. Your ravenous need to see pixelated videos of your favorite bands is the reason this TRASH pollutes the internet. You're no better than than the guy who wasted money to watch a tiny video of a concert right in front of him.

"But Sagecutioner it's a historic moment!" FUCK YOU. It would have been something to see in person. You're watching a pale imitation of an awesome moment. This video is trying to pretend it's a good representation of what the actual event was like. That makes this video a poseur. Just like all of you.


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