Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Review: Stagwounder - Invisible Radiance

Invisible Radiance: Stagwounder’s first release available for streaming here.

This band is advertised as blackened doom metal and it manages to be the worst of both worlds. Turning this on is like paying to sleep with a woman who is promised to be an exotic beauty and amazing lover, only to find that she has a weird face and her “pleasure”, while inventive, makes you fall asleep. When it’s all said and done you did get to sleep with her. But what was the point?

Stagwounder sound like a generic black metal band that occasionally play a slow part. Unfortunately they aren’t even good as far as generic black metal bands go. The pace they set due to their doom tag means they never quite hit a speed that would satisfy a black metal fan. If you treat them as a doom metal band they fare even worse. They lack the heaviness that defines the genre. Doom metal without a punch is not Doom Metal worth listening to.

At their best Stagwounder sounds like they are imitating Skeletonwitch. Albeit a Skeletonwitch that does not seem to be capable of technical riffing and are extremely boring, though they don’t seem to be able to sound like that for more than a few seconds before they descend back into what may be the most lackluster metal I’ve ever been subjected to without being outright bad. Worse still they can’t even manage to do it on every song. Literally. If I hadn’t been walking the entirety of this album, I would have fallen asleep.

Hopefully if this band sticks around they can manage to either focus on one of their genres or, as unlikely as it may be, find a balance between them that is worth listening to. Until then, I wouldn’t say it’s bad. It’s just not worth the time.


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