Thursday, August 13, 2015

Elitist News - The Eternal Sunshine Of The Okilly Dokilly-less Mind

Why does this exist? When I first looked at this I was disgusted with their gimmick. Specifically at man tits over there on the right. You care enough to buy Ned Flander's clothes but you still think you can rock the beard? YOU CAN'T. But what is truly TERRIBLE about this band is their fucking music. A Ned Flanders themed band could be funny if the musicians played the right kind of music. Anthrax does that comedy shit all the time. Thrash metal Ned Flanders in the vein of Anthrax or GWAR would be great. But GWAR this is not. Instead what we have is a bunch of Korn sound effects on top of shitty musicianship. And the garnish on top of this SHIT SANDWICH is that their vocalist has a truly terrible screaming voice. Head Ned screams like a teenage boy and fights with Jacob Bannon and Brent Hinds over cans of tuna that Brenocide continues to leave out in his darkest moments. Thankfully all they have out currently is a demo. Hopefully it stays that way.


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