Sunday, August 9, 2015

Elitist News - Judas Priest Records Soul Cover

Judas Priest recorded a cover of a soul band back in '87 before the release of Ram it Down. Thankfully they had the good sense to bury it until now. Changing the genre of a song doesn't make the new product WORTH A SHIT. Even when a metal band plays it a non-metal song is still a non-metal song. You can hide the recording sessions under the guise of "Experimental Reasons" but that doesn't protect you from the crap you just recorded.

Tipton says "God forbid we should ever do that — we wouldn't compromise the band in anything of that nature." in regards to the band being compared to pop music, but he doesn't have a leg to stand on. In case you forgot Tipton, you had just released FUCKING TURBO. The equivalent to a turd with your bands name stamped on it.

Between this surfacing and Ian Hill dressing like Ron Jeremy while talking about his taste in CRAP hard rock bands Priest has shown how non-metal they are multiple times this week. Good job boys.


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