Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ANAL CUNT's Sound Setting Instructions

Amidst the news of Seth Putnam passing, a photograph of the grindcore band Anal Cunt's sound instructions has been circulating the internet. Sounds like these guys knew what they were doing:

While the part that's squared off in red is certainly the highlight of the sheet, I wouldn't pass up reading the rest of the instructions. Apparently the members of Anal Cunt were masters in the art of making sure they sounded as shitty as possible on stage. I imagine the sound setting directions are similar for every other grindcore outfit, and if not, they should be. 

Taken from Metal Injection.


  1. CuntDestroyer6/15/2011 3:09 PM


  2. Maybe some of those indie and deathcore fags out there can learn a thing or two from this about what sound they want. As a sound engineer, that part where they won't do a soundcheck made my blood boil.

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