Saturday, January 1, 2011

Being Vegan and "peta2"

Meat is murder. Delicious, juicy, murder.
I think the internet hate-storm that has been generated towards vegans and their 'holier than thou' attitude has already said more than I could ever fit in one TNM article. At first I considered not even bothering, but when you hear about hard rock musicians supporting PETA in their pursuit of a fascist new world order, where human beings are stripped of their natural instinctual need to eat meat and keep themselves warm with the fur of other creatures, you can't help but get a little peeved.

If you are not familiar with "peta2", it is a not-so-separate branch of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) that is designed to specifically target the demographic of young, impressionable adolescents who aren't mature enough to think for themselves yet. It's much like the Joe Camel of decades past. PETA has no shame, you see. As part of their malevolent scheme for world domination, they have turned their sights on the the fresh young minds of the world, ripe for the tainting. They also focus on the empty heads of dumb rock artists, who because of achieving fame and fortune with typically less than a high school education, aren't very smart either. They use half-famous, tattooed spokesmen and natural teenage rebellion to their advantage, transforming today's youth into pale, frail, protein-deprived pawns in their twisted game of global destruction. They are practically terrorists, setting out to destroy our fragile ecosystem by forcing their extreme ideology of making the planet's greatest carnivore into one big group of granola-chewing herbivore wussies.

As if Oli Sykes hasn't already given me enough reasons to head butt him in the face. 

"peta2" recruits a brainwashed army of teenage drones to do their dirty work. Their website encourages its viewers to ruthlessly harass food and entertainment industries that may or may not have a supposed connection to a form of animal treatment that PETA deems out of their own boundaries. They go as far to refer to these forms of harassment as "missions" and award the young missionaries points that can be redeemed for t-shirts, buttons and other free propagandistic garbage. Even the pursuit of knowledge is no exception to the long lanky arms of PETA's impartial onslaught. Their latest "victory" consisted of bullying NASA to the point of ceasing experiments involving the effects of radiation on squirrel monkeys. Oh thank God that all those dewy-eyed, adorable little scamps were spared from those mean old scientists! Let's all be grateful for PETA's efforts, we can now rest assured, knowing that our American heroes will die of radiation exposure out there in the cosmos, because apparently, they are not allowed the knowledge to know any better. Thank you PETA. Thank you so, so much.

Maria Brink always makes my animal want to perform.

Being a metalhead, my connection towards the animal kingdom is much more tightly wound than that of the averaged civilized person. I am driven by instinct and primal rage. Like my chimpanzee cousins in the wild, my diet is comprised of both plants and animals. Also like my chimpanzee cousins, I would partake in cannibalism if it was an acceptable social mean. If you handed me a people kabob, freshly grilled and asked me to try it, I would be god damned if I didn't enjoy myself a swift, juicy bite upon your request. 

McDonald's and Burger King are one of the few places open when the venue staff tells me that I have to go home, and I'm too drunk to care about what I eat or what drive-thru my car happens to skid into. I couldn't give less of a flying fuckilyduck how they scald their chickens alive in boiling oil before or after ruthlessly murdering them via swift throat slash. Four chicken nuggets are a dollar, and they're tasty as hell. Better yet, if your chicken nuggets or cheeseburgers are not substantially more delicious when you eat them while watching this video, (the same one Oli Sykes claims transformed him into a pompous vegan jackass,) you are a poor excuse for a death metal fan. Animal cruelty, like human cruelty, is really awesome, and incredibly metal. If you don't believe me, while watching the video, mute the bleeding heart narrator, and blast your favorite Exhumed tune. You should be inspired to write some sick as hell lyrics immediately. Unless of course you're like me, and you're just too hungry to concentrate.

Heavy metal redemption can not merely be found in throwing your vegan lifestyle away and hitting the barbecue. That is not good enough. If you have mutilated your omnivore digestion system by converting it to a herbivore lifestyle for a long enough period of time, your only means of redeeming yourself can be found out in the wild. You are to murder a fairly-sized mammal in the most inhumane way you can, look it in its dead eyes, and eat it. If the process is truly upsetting to you, bring an ipod or battery powered boombox with some Gorerotted at the ready to lift your spirits about the ordeal.

On a lighter note, throwing away your vegan ideals is a great resolution for the new year. But all in all, I guess vegetarianism isn't all bad. After all, take a gander at some of the gag-induc... I mean scrumptious-looking recipes available on peta2's webpage! Delicious. 


  1. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Glad to see you back to yourself with these updates.

  2. I hate you, Brenocide. But not for the reasons you would think. I hate you because you told me to take a gander at the recipes on peta2, and now I feel like I am going to throw up my breakfast steak.... Thanks a lot.... Dick.

  3. I've been waiting for this one.

  4. I also checked out peta2 website. There is a game called "Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals". Apparently they have no problem being cruel to innocent Wii games.

  5. Another aspect to PETA's un-metal activities lie in the fact that they support American terrorists (ELF's), who just so happen to firebomb the hell out of scientists and other groups/organizations that happen to "harm" animals. While firebombs are metal, paying somebody to do the job is totally not metal, because metalheads know exactly how to use the implements of destruction readily available to assist them in their mission to further their own self-serving interests.

  6. Gotta say, I was hesitant to watch at first. Then I threw on Slaughtercult and the video blasted by awesomely. I'm not really down with unnecessary torture (this is different then 'necessary torture'), but fuck PETA, no one will take my pastrami away from me.

  7. fuck off, since when does eating or not eating anything make anyone metal, this is stupid, im a vegan i'd also knock anyone of you the fuck out if you said anything to me to my face, not metal if your vegan/vegetarian, oh wait i guess thats a fuck load of metal bands missing their members now. try saying any of this shit to god forbid or earth crisis and they would literally stab you. vegans frequently destroy animal testing labs and rescue the innocent, its not metal to stand out and do something you believe in apparently, apparently your only a big brave metal man if you eat an animal that has spent its whole life cooped up without the chance to even live life, yeah thats your primal urge YEAH ARGGH GOD IM A VIKING METAL GUY (which translates as i listen to metal and have realised i can transform my body image of being a fat guy to a viking metal warrior by adding a beard) news flash people arent all just one thing people dont have to conform to whatever you think metal is, and if you said anything along the lines of your not metal if your vegan i'd say yeah your right im vegan straight edge and me and my friends are gonna stomp on your pretentious fucking head until you start crying. and then you go on about vegans being holier than thou seriously, i cant stress this enouh GET THE FUCK OUT OF HEAVY MUSIC. you and your ill thought out opinions arent welcome.

    oh and by the way if humans are meant to eat meat then tell me why a lions digestive system is about a quarter of the size of ours. humans can get 24 times the amount of nutrition from vegetable origin, it takes about 24g of wheat soya etc to produce 1g of cattle meat. in doing so we produce cities of shit and poison people with dead animals pumped up on steroids (there are alot of credible sources stating that meat has a very tangible link with most cancers in humans)while using half of all the water and grain in most first world countries (while people abroad starve) this also explains why vegans and vegetarians statistically live ten years longer than meat eaters. and why the world health organisation reccomends a vegetarian diet.


    1. It makes you metal because you gore the fucking animal, and then you eat the animal. Slaughter and gore are metal. Metal is primal. Eating is primal. Eating, slaughter, and gore is metal. Hands down. Now when you lack the protein acquired from a juicy slab of meat, you get beat down by whoever thought to punch you. You become weak. Weakness is not metal.

    2. I'm pretty sure what you eat doesn't determine your music taste, because Metal is a form of music, not a licence to slaughter and hit people like a fucking ape you uneducated dipship. Eat whatever the fuck you want, but I hope you die of a heart disease or get hit in the ovaries by a vegan so that your genetics may be eradicated from the human gene pool.

  8. Non-vegan people shoot animals in the face. Luckily humans are animals too. SHOOT THIS FUCKER IN THE FACE.

    There's nothing less metal than being a whiney pussy who wants to save wittle bunny wabbits.

  9. Right, because where would the metal world be without bands like "God Forbid" and "Earth Crisis"? Nice try. I fail at science huh? Have you looked at a cave drawing lately? I don't see any paintings of our ancestors hurling spears at a carrot stick. Also you'll have to forgive me if I can't bring myself to be intimidated at the thought of muscles built by cabbage trying to smash me. I can see your lanky arms swinging at me now, covered in koi and flower tattoos. I'm fucking shaking bro.

    The "world health organizations" also came up with this little diet tool that you might have heard of: it's called the food pyramid. Look at one. What's that in the third tier? Holy shit, no way, it's dairy and meat. Holy fuck oh my god, someone call the broccoli police, because that shit isn't supposed to be there.

    So people don't have to conform to what I think metal is? See its kind of hard to take that seriously coming from you, since you spent an hour and a half typing about how we should all conform to what you imagine a human diet should be like. Are bullets considered vegan? Try eating one of those.

    Go listen to Maroon and eat a salad, no one cares.

  10. According to researchers Rosalie David and Michael Zimmerman, who have studied literature spanning ancient to modern times, as well as mummies, cancer and references to cancer-like symptoms are extremely rare until the 17th century suggesting that cancer in its current numbers and forms are largely (not completely) man-made.

    Humans are meant to eat both plant and animal matter as a result of our millions of years worth of evolution. We, human beings, are simply animals with a cognitive brain that makes us feel as though we are higher and separate from them, but we answer to the same laws and principles all life must follow. As a result, we must consume a life, whether it be plant or animal. What makes killing a carrot, radish, onion, bean, corn plant any less significant than killing a cow, pig, chicken, sheep, horse, goat, deer, duck, or other being? Is it because one bleeds and the other does not? Life is life and all beings aside from must get their sustenance or supplemental nutrition by killing or consuming matter that has been killed by others. Even plants, who make their own food through photosynthesis must utilize a soil that is rich in soil with dead matter.

    Eating a diet of plants in and of itself is not necessarily healthier than one that contains meat. This is why vegans and vegetarians must strictly watch and monitor what plant life goes into their bodies in order to maintain proper nutritional and caloric needs. This means that it takes more plants to get fat, which is why it is not very often that one observes an obese vegan.

    Now, what metal bands are losing members? Sevendust? Good. Shadows Fall? Good. Lamb of God? Good. None have contributed anything substantial to the genre.

  11. I missed the straight edge part on my first read. That explains why he's so wound up. Try poisoning your brain with a bong rip so you mellow out dude.

    But the part that I don't get is if you guys are so worried about not hurting animals, how come you have no problem hurting humans? Someone sounds a bit hypocritical. You can't kill cows but you can kill people who kill cows. I'd really REALLY like to see you in action dude, because I have a plane ticket out to Massachusetts that says you WIMP THE FUCK OUT.

  12. Wallpaper isn't vegan.

  13. i have no problem fighting something equal to myself, animals never hurt anyone. i live in the uk. in regard to any argument put forward here. humans can farm crops you get more from crops than from meat you can feed more people that means if you eat meat its based purely off pleasure not off nutritional need. killing for pleasure. a lion needs to eat meat it lives in the wild. we dont yet we still feel the need to torture and consume animals who spend there entire lives in misery yet we still happily keep dogs and cats as pets as if their lives matter more.. we are above the food chain and killing when unnecessary just shows how barbaric really are, who knows maybe im more evolved than you are?

    in regards to my fighting skill, there are vegan power lifters vegan mixed martial arts fighters, vegan boxers. so why are you assuming i look like anything i could be a ninja for all you know.

    the vegan diet will eventually in our history be forced upon you, until then do the right thing and conform to it. it is not about metal

    as for veganism not being metal

    between the buried and me are vegetarian
    bill steer from carcass is vegan

    atilla from mayhem
    all of cattle decapitation
    mark from napalm death
    rob zombie
    derrick from supultura
    all of nueva etica
    angela from arch enemy
    heaven shall burn
    kirk hammet from metallica
    the drummer from lamb of god

    of course GAHL from GORGOROTH
    bill ward and geezer from BLACK SABBATH
    geoff from queensryche

    zach de la rocha from ratm is vegetarian
    all of i killed the prom queen were vegetarian
    converge obviously

  14. "we still happily keep dogs and cats as pets as if their lives matter more.."

    Yea, it's pretty pathetic how highly we regard the lives of animals when there are HUMANS that are abused and starving every day. I bet kids in Africa would gladly eat meat. Maybe you should devote your time to helping your own species.

    As for the list of vegans and vegetarians that you listed off, many of them are single members of bands. You know what that says to me? That they spend most of their time with 4 other guys that do eat meat. Do you think they sit there on the tour bus whining about how meat is murder and that they will stomp their bandmates head in because they are going against science? No, they suck it up and practice their beliefs on their own.

    And do you think any of those people walk into a steak house or a butcher shop and start cussing everyone out? No, BECAUSE THEY KNOW WHERE THEY DON'T BELONG.

    P.S. I really fucking hate dogs and have been known to kick dogs in the face if they try to bite me. After all, I'm just treating them as equals, right?

  15. It's my life experience the guy that talks the toughest is always the weakest. Even more so if they're talking tough on the INTERNET, of all places. You could be a typing squirrel monkey for all I know/care. Actually, you being a monkey would make sense. Maybe you're really angry at the omnivorous greater apes like the Chimps that try and eat you? You know, chimpanzees? Our evolutionary cousins? But what do I know, I fail at science. Sure, there are vegan power lifters, vegan MMA fighters and vegan boxers. But you're not one of them. I feel safe in assuming since you're ranting like a child, and talking big, that you're nothing to be afraid of.

    More than half of your list aren't even real metal bands, Converge? Rob Zombie? I Killed the Prom Queen? Really? The rest don't really bug me as a loss. Gaahl is like the biggest douche in Black Metal. The Black Sabbath guys on there are the only ones that matter to me. DARKEST HOUR ZOMG. Why did you put hours of research into trying to tell me off? I promise you, I can give you a way bigger list of metal musicians who eat meat.

    Since the dawn of time, the human race has been hunting and killing for meat. It's a biological need retard, otherwise we'd have been picking berries all the time. The native tribes that still exist today do the same thing. Those spears they hold aren't for crops. You act like a pile of beef or chicken is a gob of nutritionally-void chocolate that our bodies aren't designed to process. Like we're eating car tires just because they taste good and we're stupid. The healthiest bodies in the human race are not vegans. Lance Armstrong and Michael Phelps didn't become athletic machines at the salad bar. Beef is full of necessary minerals such as protein, zinc, iron and a mess of other ones I'm not going to look up, because I don't need to read wikipedia to argue with somebody.

    Nothing I say to is going to change how you feel so I'm going to go spend my time writing things thousands of people except you are going to think are funny and true. I will tell you that the entire human race becoming vegan is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Get your head out of your ass. You're not on some higher form of existence, you're not more evolved, you're just a boycotter of some fucking food. Nobody cares.

    1. We have been picking berries since the beginning of our existence, retard. And there's more protein in broccoli then in a steak. Where do you think the cows get it from? The grass and grains they eat. And I do feel more evolved then you because your the one who's brainwashed to society and the meat and dairy industry are part of that society. News flash our society sucks.

    2. I would say it is about being less of a consumerist as a reason to eat less meat. Abstaining from it all together, as you say, is ridiculous, you would die without your vitamin b12. But there is nothing wrong or un-metal about it (unless your become some sort of idiot preacher of it)
      Just know which un-metal vegans in particular you are bashing, because some of them would hate the fag from bring me the horizon just like you.

  16. You see fretfd, you have proven our experiment perfectly here, explaining to the world why exactly vegans and peta2 are not metal. Vegans and peta2 are on a power trip trying to convert the world by force if necessary because they don't share the same beliefs and they do it in every bit as animalistic a way as their beastly brethren for whom they fight so hard to protect. They are arrogant and ignorant, trying to tell the world that humans are higher than the beast, better than the beast, and as such should protect the beast. This makes you come off as a douche, and both douches and douchery are not metal. The beast needs to be honored for its life giving us life, then savored after being cut into family-sized portions and tossed on an open flame.

    Meat is the fuel of the metal gods' thunder, giving them the fire and desire necessary to seek and destroy the eardrums of the world with power and might; vegetables fuel the weakling poseurs with wuss and suck.

  17. Damn this freftdtdtddt or whatever he's called guy is an idiot.

    First off, your use of musical examples is flawed. Most all-vegan bands are like the all-christian bands and generally shitty metalcore acts who suck anyway. And most of the musicians that you mentioned in your pointless list, as David said, aren't retarded activists like yourself or that dweeb from Bring Me The Horizon, and are fine with humans eating what the fuck they want. The only person in the list that shocked me was Attila from Mayhem, the reason being he waves decapitated pig's heads around while performing live. Which obviously shows he doesn't want to eat meat, but is fine with animal slaughter, so is also fine with animal consumption. As I said, most of the "activists" are people like Oli Sykes, ie: the least metal person on the planet.
    Secondly, "the vegan diet will eventually in our history be forced upon you, until then do the right thing and conform to it"? You said not to call vegans "holier than thou" but that is exactly what your proving with this. Also, grow up. Like that's ever going to happen. Get out of your dream world where all animals are cute and cuddly and we somehow all live off plants. Animals eat animals. It's natural.
    And thirdly, your argument about us eating meat only for pleasure: wrong. Meat contains nutritional substances such as proteine. If you eat a balanced diet between meat and plants, you will stay healthy. If you're a vegan, you have to constantly monitor what vegetables you eat to make sure your getting enough nutrion. And what's wrong with eating something because you enjoy it? Are you one of those amish fucktards who mash all their food into a disgusting pulp because enjoying food is a "sin"?
    And fuck, you're vegan AND straight edge? Let me guess, your also abstinent and a practicing christian?
    Right, rant over. Ciao.

  18. "Vegans and peta2 are on a power trip trying to convert the world by force if necessary because they don't share the same beliefs and they do it in every bit as animalistic a way as their beastly brethren for whom they fight so hard to protect."

    This. Everything revolves around this. I have no qualms with PETA, or vegans / vegetarians in general. Just don't force your own shit down my throat. I won't do it to you, so stop being a chode and get out my face when I eat a nice, juicy, nearly raw burger or steak.

    If you succeed in bringing down McDonalds or Burger King or whatever the fuck fast food restaurant you do not like today, good for you. I'll just go out and shoot a deer and take it to the butcher shop. You see, I was raised around hunters. And little do the vegans of the world want to admit, that the primary force behind the survival of wild animals are the hunters themselves. Most intelligent hunters (and yes, they exist in a larger quantity that some people want to believe) are natural conservationists. They do everything in their power to preserve the ecosystem that they subsist on.

    This is perfectly natural. The hunter worships its prey as a life-sustaining creature. He proves himself a true warrior by hunting, capturing, outsmarting, and KILLING his prey. I cannot think of anything more pagan and metal than that. Sure there are bad apples amongst hunters (poachers are the biggest culprit), but consider that stupidity on a personal level, and stop blaming all hunters or meat-eating metalheads or any of my other fellow omnivores for their idiot behavior.

    I may have digressed a little here, but the TL;DR version is that I agree with you 100% Brenocide and Tyranneous.

  19. Hail my fellow animal slayer and worshiper, photmetrik \m/. Keep it primal.

  20. For the record, I love Cattle Decapitation. I know that they are 100% vegan and 95% of their lyrics are in some way a statement for the vegan cause. BUT, it's really the way they present themselves that makes them acceptable to me. Take for example, lyrics to the song "Polyps", a reference to a medical condition that vegans will tell you stems from eating too much red meat:

    An onset of polyps
    Spurt from the rectum
    Like a bouquet of red fingers
    Painful, yet gorgeous

    So, this is what you get for this life that you've led
    Your bloomin' tulips turning red.

    Sessile villous adenoma

    Deep inside we can see with colonoscopy
    Stalactitical growths from hardened adipose
    Formations of bags contain polypular tissue
    Bursting open, causing anemia

    That, my friend, is FUNNY. Cattle Decapitation have a sense of humor about being vegan. They write ultra gory morbid lyrics that hold their own so that even if you do eat meat, you can still respect them as a legitimate Grind/Death Metal band. It's Satirical, Tongue In Cheek, and in general Humorous, much like this Blog. I think more than anything what fredfat really needs to do is dry his tears and continue to appreciate the rest of the site because it's funny, like a cow shitting out human entrails.

  21. I would first like to point out that not all vegans support PETA. I am vegan and think that those people are fucking crazy. They are the extremist minority within a minority and do not reflect the beliefs of every vegan or vegetarian. Al Queda does not represent all Muslims. The KKK does not represent all Christians. The Nazi Party does not represent everyone of German heritage. So please don't lump us all together. Now since that’s been cleared that up it’s time for me to defend my beliefs.

    People claim it's unnatural for humans to not eat meat. But what makes veganism any more unnatural than being literate or even living in house? If living in caves and trees was good enough for our ancient ancestors the same way as eating meat, then that's what we should being doing if we’re going to hold that argument as logically sound. But we don’t live in a state of nature anymore. As human beings in the modern age we are fortunate enough to not need to kill in order to survive just as we're fortunate enough to have the ability to build strong shelters and design the computers on which you're all reading this comment. Should we really live in such a way just because that's what humans had to do before civilization was advanced enough to allow for other options? Vegans say no and I’d like to believe that any rational person would also say no.

    As for the argument that animals eat each other too, I’ll make a claim that most of you would probably never expect a vegan to make: Humans are better than animals at least in some ways. And because we’re better than them we should act better than them. We can think about how our actions affect others. We have the intellect to create moral codes and live by them. Animals have to each other because they do not know how to survive otherwise. Again we’re lucky enough to have alternatives that animals and ancient humans don’t have. Vegans believe that since we can live in such a way that doesn't hurt others we should. I'll admit that once the zombie apocalypse comes I’ll ditch my veganism in order to survive. But until then I can and want to live a life that doesn’t hurt other beings capable feeling of pain. And don’t tell me that animals can’t feel pain or aren’t smart enough to deserve to live. Just watch how an animal reacts to a painful stimulus. It will jump up and do whatever it can to avoid that stimulus. It will show absolute terror in its face if the pain is intense enough but most people ignore it because they’re hungry. Cows and pigs are pretty much on the same intellectual level as cats and dogs but for some reason we decided some of them should be pets and some should be food.

    Oh and as for veganism not being metal, who gives a shit? I know this may be the wrong place to say that but some things are more important than metal. If you live you’re entire life based on what is and what is not “metal” then you need to reevaluate your some things.

  22. To freftd: I love your enthusiasm. That being said you need to know that insulting the people you're speaking to as rudely as you did by calling them morons or telling them to fuck off will not help our cause. It tends to make people think you're a jerk and disregard whatever you say. You want to convince others to see things your way not just tell them you're right.

  23. I think you're just as big a jerk, if not more than freftd.

    There you guys go putting yourself on some higher level of evolution again. Here's some a slice of humble tofu pie for you: You eating vegetables doesn't make you any less of an animal than anybody else. They're called herbivores. They're usually a lot dumber than they're carnivore/omnivore counterparts. The majority of them have simple thought processes, like stand around in groups, and running like hell the moment they see anything moving. You're associating yourself with dumber animals, not smarter ones. Good for you.

    The eating of meat is a biological need and desire. By your definition, we should all stop having sex now, because WE'VE EVOLVED LOL. "But that's not hurting anybody..." Rape, disease, abortions, molestations, teen pregnancy, prostitution, human trafficking, I can go on. Sex hurts millions of people every day. The reason we do it is because we enjoy it. The reason we enjoy it is because its something we're naturally supposed to want to do. I eat meat because it entices me, the aroma draws me in, the taste of properly cooked meat is remarkable, and fully satisfies my hunger more than any handful of soy beans ever could. You're supposed to want to fucking eat it. That's just our species.

    So if you want to back up the claim that you're on some higher human level than me, and that you've evolved yourself to the point where you don't want to take part in natural processes that potentially do harm, than don't have sex anymore. Otherwise, you're full of shit.

  24. I eat vegetables instead of meat because I think it is the morally correct option, not because I think I am or want to be smarter than anybody else. But I don’t have the same reasons for being a herbivore as other animals either. The “dumber animals” with which you’ve associated me eat grass because that’s what their instinctually based animal brains tell them to do. I’m stuck with this brain that tells me “Other things don’t need to die so I can eat tasty food” so I live my life based on that idea. The general idea is to do as little harm to other sentient things as possible. That is why I don’t support rape, disease, abortions, molestations, teen pregnancy, prostitution or human trafficking either. I’ll admit that I enjoy sex but I’m able to control those impulses and relief them in a way that doesn’t hurt others. That’s why any sex I have is safe (i.e. with a condom) and consensual.

    I’m sorry if I came across as a self righteous prick in my defense of my lifestyle. I truly am. I don’t want to push my beliefs onto you anymore than you want to convince me to eat meat. Vegans aren’t vegans for the power trip. There are more effective ways to gain power because if you weren’t already aware vegans are a rather small minority within the population. Honestly, I really don’t care what you do. I was merely trying to get others to understand my view of the world and if I’ve upset anyone by doing that then I apologize.

  25. atilla from mayhem-Not vegan.
    all of cattle decapitation-who gives a shit?
    mark from napalm death-who gives a shit?
    rob zombie-not vegan, but vegetarian.
    derrick from supultura-who gives a shit?
    all of nueva etica-who gives a shit?
    angela from arch enemy-who gives a shit?
    naera-who gives a shit?
    heaven shall burn-who gives a shit?
    kirk hammet from metallica-who gives a shit?
    the drummer from lamb of god-who gives a shit? Also, so is the guitarist.

    of course GAHL from GORGOROTH-Not vegan.
    bill ward and geezer from BLACK SABBATH-doubt it.
    geoff from queensryche-who gives a shit?
    DARKEST HOUR-who gives a shit?

  26. Fucktards like you who think metal is nothing but an intellectually dormant celebration of death (sounds more like emo) are the reason the masses see us as a lunatic fringe, or worse, a bunch of brainless Neanderthals who are no better than frat party douchebags. The meat industry is a microcosm of our capitalist society founded in greed, exploitation and deception of the masses, co-opted by the Christian church (surprise, surprise). I'm not saying that you have to be vegan to be metal, but overturning capitalism and using your fucking brain IS metal, and for many (including myself) veganism is an expression of such. By the way, quit sucking Karl Sanders' dick and go listen to some Ildjarn. THAT'S fucking metal.

  27. Nice job "overturning capitalism" by buying Dole and Chiquita instead of KFC and McDonalds, genius. And the fruit and vegetable vendors are fucking saints, right? Enjoy your pesticides, retard.

  28. Whoa, so you meathead internet tuffguys not only want to evangelize vegetarians out of their lifestyle choices but are also against eating vegetables ever? Hahahaha. Enjoy your early death, cunt.

  29. I eat nothing but dicks, it's the manliest form of meat.

  30. I don't think killing an animal and eating is heavy metal redemption for a vegan. It'd be better if he ate another vegan on a stick.

  31. Geezer Butler and Bill Wards are vegans, just check your info...

    Also Mille Petrozza of Kreator is a vegan and half of Carcass

  32. i dont eat meat out of dietary choice..i do not wish to see the world changed into some kind of bizarre nation state where everybody has t o conform to a vegan way of life..just another expression of herd mentality..i loathe peta and peta2 as well. i dont feel as if i am a more evolved form of consciousness or some kind of hippie freedom fighter..i despise the human race and species as a whole..we are nothing more than mentally elevated conscious parasites destroying and paving over this entire world

    your website actually cracks me up. your articles are actually really well written and hilarious..i dont feel like i have to accept a fight challenge posed to me by a meat eater nor do i feel that i somehow have to prove my strength by lashing out at others who do not share my dietary choice.your website actually cracks me up. your articles are actually really well written and hilarious..i will not provide some kind of check list to prove my metal worthiness but i will end this with saying ildjarn is vegan as well
    thanks for your time

  33. This was fucking stupid and a total waste of my lunch break.....wait....damn.

  34. I'm a member of PETA.....

    which stands for People Eating Tasty Animals.

    I'm an Argentinian, so I was born with a membership.

    If there is an animal, and that animal has a body part, an Argie can make a dish with it. Our asados [barbecues] are fucking awesome!

    PS: I hope you do not use gas grills... now that should be considered criminal!

  35. I'd rather see the pathetic excuses for humans fucking those animals over being dragged to slaughter then the mindless animals, think about it there are countless death metal songs speaking of dehumanization, greed, capitalism etc. Where the fuck does it say, lets be mindless fucktards and show brutality to everything we see?

  36. Fuck you! who the fuck do you think you are? metalheads can't be vegan? who the fuck are you to decide anything? why don't you open your very closed fucking mind and see the complete torture animals go through to give you your fucking meat! they get beat,burned,teeth pulled out,tails cut,shot in the head with metal,hung upside down and get their throats cut then they get sliced apart all while being conscious by the way.Your a fucking asshole who thinks he is so hardcore don't you? Watch Earthlings for free online if this doesn't make you feel anything then seriously you have no soul or heart on top of being a close minded asshole! Earthlings-;_ylu=X3oDMTE0cmZpc2VkBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMwRjb2xvA3NrMQR2dGlkA1FJMDI4XzE5MA--/SIG=11hrb6ap9/EXP=1325756645/**http%3a//

    1. Ouchmyliverhurts2/05/2012 8:54 PM

      I'm Vegan, I hate PETA, I don't care if you like to eat meat or other animal fluids etc, I just don't wanna. So long as you keep it heavy you're cool in my book!!

    2. You seem upset. Have a sausage.

  37. Mille? Vegan? That is extremely upsetting.

    Et tu Mille? Say it ain't so.

  38. Eating meat or not eating meat has nothing to do with being metal. I don't even know how you make the connection. As was already pointed out, two members of the original Black Sabbath are vegan. I guess they aren't as metal as you and your online buddies are. Nice.

    I've been a metalhead and a vegan for 20 years now. Played in several death metal bands, used to publish a metal zine, and headbanged in countless shows. I doubt think any of you has any ground to question my metalness. I eat, breath and shit metal. And I know a lot of other vegans, vegetarians and semi-vegetarians who do the same. Get over it.


    1. Thank God, someone with a brain.

  39. Anon's shit themselves again.

  40. Wow so much butthurt... probably ate too much fiber and shit their assholes raw.

  41. Standing up for some one who can't is metal. And Vegans stand up for the enslaved animals that can't stand up for them selfs. When did genocide of a species become metal? because if thats what metal is then metal can die.

  42. As a mathematics professor, first I must say wow, the lack of intelligence is overwhelming, but more importantly eating meat inherently is NOT wrong. However, the way it is being done is extremely WRONG! I thought metal was supposed to be an anti-conformist sub-society. Yet all I have encountered thus far are mindless drones. Again my experience of "metal heads", is that they think they are smarter than their conformist counterparts, because "metal heads", may have read a few history books, may be know a little psychology, may have watched some Nat. Geo. documentary.

    I'll put a list of people(vegetarians/vegans) such that, if any sort of appreciation/intellect reside in your brain you should be absolutely humbled to be grouped in the same species. Side note: These people are real geniuses, once in a generation people. I myself, who has met many smart people can not be grouped in the same intelligence domain. Enough rambling, without further ado;

    Leonardo Da Vinci - 100% vegan, Smartest person in recorded history relative to his generation.

    Sir Isaac Newton- Father of Calculus. As a math prof, most cant even do Calc. Yet this man discovered it and its implications.

    Albert Einstein- Not 100% vegan, and not even veg all his life, but towards the end, also the time of some of his best work, he turned veg.

    This are just a few, and giving the paradigm that I've experienced, most metal heads seem to have an affinity to history and philosophy. Some of your favorites...Plato, Aristotle(Mr. Logic himself), and Socrates were all vegan.

    Peace be with you,

    1. Thank you for this response (no sarcasm). I am glad intelligence is still present online :)

  43. Why do you assholes keep postin lists of other vegans? Who gives a fuck? Not eating meat makes you a fucking pussy. Reading all this pro-vegan bullshit makes me not only want to eat more meat, but just buy a bunch of it and waste it.
    Fuck tofu you whiney bitchy vegan emo faggots.

    1. Your intelligence is just as impressive as your homophobia. Well done!

    2. Preach, brotha!

  44. you're dumb as a spoon for thinking that we don't get enough protein. at least my arteries are cleaner than yours.

  45. ^^^^^^^^^^
    You spelled faggot wrong.

  46. you fucking serious, you pretentious fuck, you sound sadistic man, all this shit about being a pussy for not eating meat, you come across as like a fucking nazi with all this stereo type shit, yeah I am veggie, for my own fucking reasons, and i dont go talking shit to people who love eating meat, but that shit about staring it in the dead eyes and eating, fucking hell dude, sort your shit out, and clearly you dont have much of a life if you spend your free time literally bitching about what other people eat, grow the fuck up.

  47. this article was created by an idiot

    1. thank god someone noticed

  48. "Driven by instinct and primal rage" HAHAHA, You BUY your meat in supermarkets and fastfood restaurants, come on, gimme a fucking break!
    I'm a vegan, but that doesn't make me any more or less metal than you.
    And on why it IS ok to hurt humans, look around you, we deserve it!

  49. I have no love for PETA, but I'm pretty sure you just outdid them by admitting you'd gladly be a fair-weather cannibal. They clearly have no love for their own species, but you sound like a complete moron. Don't bash them too much. You may have more in common with those sociopaths than you believe.

  50. What the fuck did I just read.

    I am a metalhead who is considering adopting veganism.

    Somehow I'm not bothered by your admittance to cannibalism and disgusting views. Even your lack of any intelligent argument can be overseen, I assume you were dropped at birth or suffer iron poisoning from your healthless diet.

    What bothers me is that anyone could possibly agree with this bullshit.

  51. I'm vegan and I thought this was fucking funny! Why is everyone so butthurt?

  52. When music decides your belief, you're pretty fucked.
    I'm a vegan, and I'm a metalhead, how much of a fuck can you give? Hmm?

  53. lmfao wtf? since when does food and music have ANY connection whatsoever?
    if you think you have to intentionally cause pain to other living things to "be metal" you seriously need to reevaluate your life.
    and what does that even mean? be metal...metals a type of music. just like rap, country, screamo, ect. leave the labels for soup cans and let people be who they want to be and listen to what they want to listen to.
    alot of you anti-veganism people just seem pissed at the world...just take a fucking breath and chill out.
    it doesnt make you a "badass" to hurt an animal that has absolutely no way to defend itself..that thinking is so fucked. thats like saying youre gangster because you went to the maternity ward and punched a newborn baby.
    and sure, our ancestors ate meat and whatnot, but look what we've evolved FROM. cavenmen didnt exactly look like channing tatum. our whole bone structure was different. compare your flimsy fingernails to an eagles talons, your fat blunt teeth to a lions fangs and your speed and agility to a tigers. those animals were MEANT to eat meat. but in order for us to actually eat it, we have to cook it, or else we can die. sure the human mind has enabled us to invent fucking awesome things, including a stove or whatever, but carnivores DONT NEED man made things to cook their food. their bodies are made to be able to handle the raw meat. and look what else our fucked up brains have made, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and many people just have fucked up minds as a whole. and, to top it off, animals and cavemen didnt need to chamically alter their meat. theres SO many unhealthy chamicals in that slab of beef on your plate because that cow had SO many injections, infections, and its living conditions were so dirty and disgusting.

    im vegan not because im against eating meat. i used to love meat and i never thought i could even be vegetarian. but because im against how these animals are treated. animals can feel pain just like humans can. do some research. chickens can actually fuck around with a thermostat to change the temperature and make themselves more comfortable. pigs are actually just as if not more intellelectual and smart as dogs. but because humans have only selected a few animals that are "accaptable" to keep as pets, cows udders get squeezed by cold metal machines until they become infected. when your drinking milk your really drinking the hundreds of chemicals to disinfect all the puss and blood that gets mized with the milk. when your eating pork your eating a pig thats been stabbed, poked in the eyes, cut, boiled, all this while still concious. pigs even get their tongues cut out while on the conveyer belts because they wont stop crying during this process. if you think animals dont feel pain your an uneducated closeminded fuck.
    i have absolutley no problem with meat eaters, but i do have a problem with abuse of any kind. i just wish more people would actually open their eyes to it, and not necessarilly even become vegan or vegetarian, just actually help make a change in the meat industry, and stop abuse so the meat your eating isnt full of pain agony and suffering and is actually healthy.
    i could care less if you eat meat and listen to metal or listen to metal and havent touched meat in 20 years.
    music doesnt= food preferances. period.


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