Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jogger Making Fun of Black Metal

Maybe instead of a church we should burn down the houses/high-rise apartments of the guys in Jogger. I mean, I don't really need to give you any other reason to do it except that their mellow industrial synthpop indie hipster groove music really sucks. But here's one anyway:

The music is the kind of shit you'd find on sale at a Starbucks counter, with some black metal mock vocals over it for additional hipster hilarity in the unforgivable mockery of all things TRV and KVLT. We got some kids in this music video acting as black metal as someone who is black metal should act, and that's pretty entertaining. Soon, I lose myself in the music video as I gleefully watch an accurate depiction of how I was a child. Okay, so I kind of like the music video. It's emotionally on the same par as when you're at a comedy club, and you get up to the go to the bathroom, and the comedian just tears into you the moment he sees you get up. Your feelings are hurt and you feel humiliated, but at the same time, it's funny because you really are that fat. Anyway, we can't kick these guys' asses no matter how much we might want to, because as it is revealed at 4:36 at the end of the video, that would be a hate crime.

Still, I wouldn't blame you for feeling vindictive about having your favorite genre of music mocked by these two winners:

Could someone please pass me the irony?
You're probably mad again now. Me too. If you have to ask why I can't just take a joke or have some fun, it's because I'm metal.


  1. I actually really like this?

  2. pooppoop i want yo insidemeh1/26/2011 2:15 PM

    ahahah silly billy's

  3. Those kids are so KVLT that they don't even need a drummer or bass player. Also, is the brown haired kid a dude or chick?

  4. wow, way to be a tool. you're a sad excuse for a 'metal fan'. "it's because I'm metal" you're not metal, you're an insecure pussy. black metal is awesome and you're a gigantic, oversensitive pair of balls for hating on this really cool hybrid of glitch-pop and black metal. fucking poser on the highest.


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