Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pining for Autographs

 Take note: Suicide Silence has turkey-necked, senior citizens for groupies. 
Today's TNM post subject is credited to Samantha Landa from Vancouver, British Columbia. She is a young heavy metal drummer, and like many of our neighbors in the Great White North, probably knows how to curse you out in French. I'm also assuming she's one of the many who thinks I'm a sexist jerk. If that were the case, she'd be right. Thanks Samantha!

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A metal fan who thinks another man's signature is worth any more than his own, is incredibly unbecoming of a true metalhead. Egomania and delusions of grandeur come with the territory of listening to the greatest genre of music on the planet. (See?) If you wait outside a venue, wait in a line, or approach a merch table with the intent of getting signatures from your favorite metal artists, you are a chump, and are giving them the impression that they are more metal than you are. This is lunacy, because if you are reading my articles, it means you are on a never-ending journey to be the single most metal person you know in life.

Watch this Suicide Silence music video. The entire video is a roughly edited montage of the band members performing live at a festival and signing crap for those fans sad and pathetic enough to wait in line just to say hi to them. I wait in line for roller coaster rides. If I wanted to talk to a guy with long hair that played guitar well, I'd call him from my cell phone contacts. Actually, if I wanted to talk to someone who played guitar well, I would delete Suicide Silence from my contacts. I can't see this video as anything else other than a pretentious mockery of the rest of us folks who aren't signed to a major metal label and therefore, not half famous like they are. Grow up you deathcore assholes.

Even if these band members actually are of a substantially higher metal status, you are never supposed to admit that to them by requesting their signatures. What are you going to do now that you got the bassist from White Wizzard to scribble his name on your grungy t-shirt? Show off to all of your friends how shameless and lame you are? Just because a guy like Scott Ian is a household name and has been rocking for decades, doesn't mean you are any less metal than he is. He started "The Damned Things" for god's sake. If anybody took a silver sharpie and ruined the band shirt I paid $20+ for by scribbling all over it, I don't care who they are, they're getting a skullbutt to their mouth.

If you do meet a metal "celebrity", there is only one appropriate way to go about it. Get your picture taken with them. That way, you can play it off like you were just two dudes hanging out with each other, and even have the option of claiming the famous guy wanted his picture taken with you.

This dude is totally just Lemmy's friend. You can tell because they have their arms around each other. 
If you've ever waited in a line or waited outside a venue just to get something of yours signed by your favorite metal musicians, apologize to me about it in the comments below. You're no better than those depressing man-groupies who fist fight each other for flicked guitar picks.


  1. I didnt wait in line or outside a venue. I just saw the guy in a bar in that venue. And hell, Im pretty happy about that because it was Alexandre Erian from Despised Icon. They disbanded 2010. Again, deathcore. I cant help but to smile :D

    I dont ask the bandmember to sign my ticket because I find him a celebrity. I personally want a memory of that gig and a memory of that band. And if I wanted a goddamn guitar pick then I'd buy it from they're merch table. Or not. Its probably overpriced there. And for fucks sake, guitar pick is a guitar pick. Who cares who used it.

  2. Lemmy's best friend wore a Motorhead shirt to a Motorhead show. I'm pretty sure he is sincerely saying fuck you to whoever is holding the camera because they are probably also a douche.

  3. I went to a Fear Factory show to get Gene Hoglan to autograph my copy of Darkness Descends; I rationalized it because it was Gene Fucking Hoglan. :P

  4. A friend of mine went to a Type O show years ago and forgot to bring the Playgirl mag he wanted Peter to sign. He told him about this and he found it hilarious. So bam, not all bands abhor having to carry around sharpies.

  5. I cut in line to hv devildriver sign a shirt. After they did, I tried to sell it to em. Dez was all WTF??fast foward 2 hours later, we r doing shots at the bar, alot of em, and mike pikes on the floor. Good ol Harpos

  6. Never did it, thought it was weird of having to wait in line and walk down the line while they sit at a table for an hour......awkward. I did see the frontman of Dark Tranquillity walking in downtown disney once...but i was too shy to say anything.
    I don't even wait in lines for rollercoasters, go on Sundays when it's empty or during the week and buy a flash pass, fuck that!

  7. Only autograph line I've ever waited in was for Adam West, and I didn't even get an autograph because that would cost money. I just chatted with him for a bit. He told me he had to go to the "BAT-room." Nice guy.

  8. Chris Barnes from Six Feet Under signed my Pyramid Hookah membership card. We had a good laugh about it.

  9. I saw obituary on the 24 of February, I printed a post for John Tardy to sign. I didn't wait in line or anything he was just sitting at the bar(the show was a little bar)

    I asked for his autograph, he signed it.
    I regret nothing.


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