Sunday, January 16, 2011

Brenocide is On Vacation!

Greetings metal minions! Once again, I am delivering you sad news that I am going to be taking another short break from the blog. It's GREAT news for me, however, because unlike last time, it will be under much more pleasant circumstances...

The lady friend and I are going to be embarking on a cruise to the Bahamas! No, it's not the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise. Although that would be pretty sweet, this is your average cruise line that is a ridiculous amount of fun for all kinds of people and not just metal heads. (I'm sure I'll manage.) Even though I'm not going to be on a boat with Nevermore, I promise I'm going to have a sensational time regardless; soaking up some sun, sipping some brews and enjoying the room service, casinos, excursions and especially the sand and crystal blue waves! No internet, no cell phones, no unnecessary contact with the outside world for an entire magnificent week. Just me and my girl having the time of our lives. So much for "not having a life". Suck it, haters.

While you're writing about what a close-minded jerk I am in the comments section from your mom's house, this is where I'll be sipping margaritas and having sex.
Some highlights to discuss before I leave you guys for the week: I found some new blood to write on TNM in Tyranneous. If you didn't know already, he was the guy who brought you yesterday's Ear Plugs post, and I feel he'll be a great addition to the team of me that's been running the show by myself until now. He might post some stuff while I'm gone, he might not. He's got his own life and stuff to deal with, but he knows that I'll be absent for a bit, so check back now and again to see if he's got any new material for you.

Also, TNM has shattered its 10,000th view mark this week! For a guy with a blogger account on the dark, smelly corner of the internet, that feels pretty cool. Especially due to the fact that its mostly by word of mouth. I'm not really too good in the business of self-promotion. You guys are doing a good enough job without me. So thanks for reading, you guys kick enormous piles of ass! Keep spreading the word, dudes. Also to get the community involved, I've started taking suggestions for TNM subjects on the Facebook page. If you haven't already, Like "That's Not Metal" on Facebook, head over to the Discussions section, and tell me what you think is not metal. If I like your idea, I'll write about it and name drop you at the top of the post!

I will be back home January 24th. Keep it together until then! I'll be thinking of some truly epic rants to bring back to y'all when I return, pen and paper in hand. That is, if I'm physically capable of being mad about anything for the entirety of this vacation.

Keep reading, keep sharing, and STAY BR00TAL!!


Brenocide \,,/


  1. Vacation is not metal, cruises are not metal, Bahamas are not metal, and "hanging with your girl" is not metal. You lose Brenocide.

  2. Yeah, David is right! A journey across the emptiness that is the ocean, going to foreign lands, getting drunk,and having sex with a woman? How could those things be met...... oh wait

  3. Well when you make this romantic honeymoon sound like a Viking raid of course it would be metal. Maybe the plot of Speed 2 will come true and he'll have to kill Willem Defoe. That would be the only way to save face.

  4. Brenocide not mad? Dude, you will be mad at something for the whole trip, even if it's one thing every day.

  5. I would rather lose on a beach in Nassau than win on a couch in Massachusetts.

  6. I'm so fucking jealous you got to go to this.
    I only hope it happens again next year.

    David - 70000 tons of metal is a metal case it hadn't hit you yet.

  7. Nah Sam, I DIDN'T go on 70,000 ton of metal. This was just your typical cruise I went on. It was really awesome though, and a lot of fun, so you should be jealous anyway.


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