Monday, January 31, 2011

Amon Amarth's new track is Godly

A couple weeks ago I got a comment that told me I was a "narcissistic troll". Definitely worth reading, thank you. The comment then continued to say that this person doesn't like "that viking make believe band" in regards to Amon Amarth. Here is a new song by Amon Amarth that single-handedly proves this person has an inferior opinion in music from me. I give you "War of the Gods" from the upcoming album Surtur Rising.

I hate having to prove people wrong all the time. No I don't. 


  1. Anon approves!

  2. Between this and Korpiklaani, I have no idea whether I'll survive the next year.

  3. ... You do realize that the 1st riff is a metalcore-typed riff right ? Plus it is repeated with harmonization, which is also typical of metalcore.

    Anyway it's by no means a bad thing and the song is good.

  4. ... You do realize that the entire metalcore genre is a direct rip-off of Swedish melodic death metal right?

  5. No, because I don't think metalcore is a rip-off of Swedish melodeath. Probably inspired metalcore bands, but I think rip-off is saying too much.
    I don't want to discuss who came first, 'cause metalcore loses, but just wanted to point out that this kind of riff is a more often used in metalcore than in melodeath, therefore relevant to be called "metalcore-typed". [And that's where you say "Yeah, because they're all retards using the same tricks."]
    Also, I hoped that pointing out similarities would make you ease your judgement on metalcore, because I think it's being judged too harshly due to its "trendy" nature. Though I know there are plenty of generic/annoying metalcore bands out there.

    (By the way, I say "trendy" because I live in France and here there is no metal to be seen on TV and almost none to be heard on the radio - there must be like 1 national radio playing metal songs, preferably after children sleeping time. So we don't really have trendy metal here.)

  6. As a guitarist myself, I must say Amon Amarth has a lot of things that could be ''metalcore-typed''
    For example, look at the (guitar) similarities between Amon's Guardians of Asgaard and BFMV's Ashes of the Innocent, Amon's Varyags of Miklagaard and BFMV's Scream Aim Fire, Amon's War of the Gods and... well a random metalcore song xD.
    But why is that a bad thing? Metalcore is a good genre, there's a few very good metalcore bands like Killswitch Engage and All That Remains. It's just, a lot of metalcore bands are stupid emofags that only want attention...
    Anyway, Amon Amarth only ''uses'' the awesome stuff of metalcore, like the melodic riffs, but the way they finish their stuff is just fuckin genius. And that's what makes them, even though they are sometimes ''metalcore-typed'', one of the most straight-forward deathmetal bands.
    Their music is just so genius, the music is exactly as it should be. With bands like Metallica i'm sometimes like ''the guitars are great, but the drums are so lame..'' but Amon Amarth is perfect (in their own way).

    People need to quit wanting to label everything as metalcore. These days, the slightest melodic thingy makes a song metalcore...

  7. This song is wimpy, not evil.


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