Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ed "The Infidel" Veter likes TNM. You should too.

Infidel tested. Infidel approved.
I came home early from work today because I like getting drunk and playing guitar more than I like earning money. No prison can hold this guy, no matter how cubicle-shaped it may be. Sometimes when I get home, and after I settle down with a beer or two, I go on the page, try to write some updates, take a look at my ad revenue (minuscule it may be), and see how my blog stats are doing. Page views average anywhere from 200-500 views a day, and I've been pretty happy with that. When I get lazy, I might get 150-180 views a day, but even still, that's a lot more than anybody else I know personally with a Blogger account.

So anyway, I check my stats and find myself with the better part of 7,000 views for just today. wut. So it turns out, true metal's biggest Tuber, Ed Veter, or as the internet knows him "infidelamsterdam" gave the blog a shout-out on his most recent video. If you aren't familiar with The Infidel's work, remove yourself from my sight (site), and make your way to his channel post haste. I strongly recommend watching this whole vlog of his below if you have time, because Ed is just a great, funny guy to listen to and watch in general. If you can't wait to hear the praise Ed has for the site, feel free to skip ahead to 15:08:

This is pretty epic if I do say so myself. My facebook page likes have practically doubled over the course of a couple hours and a guy who I'm a pretty big fan of turns out to be kind of a fan of me too. Ed and I have shared words briefly a couple times before, and he's about as cool a dude as you could imagine. I think some of my friends shared the site with him early on, and he's definitely a modest, down-to-Earth enough guy to take the time to check out anything people show to him. Despite his cult following, he takes time to give you a real, honest opinion on anything you throw his way. With 5,000 facebook friends and close to 21,000 subscribers, that's not an easy thing for a guy to do. Stay metal, Ed and I appreciate the good word! I appreciate the wave of hits even more.  

What kind of baffles me though is that Ed clearly describes to people what the site is like before he sends you here: "Up front, a little warning... if you don't have any sense of humor and if you can't stand sarcasm, DO NOT GO TO THIS WEBSITE". He makes himself clear on that more than once, and regardless of that, with any new wave of views comes a dozen butt-hurt, bleeding heart pussies who can't take an opinion that goes against their own. It provides a sufficient amount of lulz to deal with these people, and they mean less than nothing in comparison to all the new followers, new facebook likes and waves of praise that I have received since Ed's mention of the site. 

Again to Ed, if you're reading this, thanks for the good word my brother in Metal! And to all of my new followers and readers, welcome to the Metal Elite.


  1. Awesome article :)
    I truly agree.
    Ed is awesome.
    And through him I got to your blog.
    And because I'm sick today, I have time enough to read some articles :P

  2. Not standing sarcasm is not metal.

  3. Man you sold out Brenocide! I only like your old stuff!

  4. Sir, you and Ed are pretty much the same: a pair of good metalheads, that have great comments, AWESOME humor sense, and the best of all: EXCELENT MUSCIAL TASTE... Cheers from Mexico!!!... and please, check my website: Ed told me he was going to make a brief shot-out on my site in one of his videos... anyway, take a look!!!!


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