Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lessons in Hate: Try a little harder not to contradict yourself.

So this young fool did the best he possibly could to give me a long-winded putdown about my blog and how stupid T-Man was for writing a violation post about ear plugs. At first, I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of a sufficient response, so I just told him what you see up there and moved on with my day, feeling pretty good about myself. However, upon careful reconsideration, I feel this anonymous young fellow, whoever he may be, deserves better treatment than that. So for him, I will gladly prepare a long-winded carefully thought out reply of my very own in order to see which one of us is in the end, intellectually superior. It's the least I could do for him after he spent enough of his spare time reading and visiting my site to establish such a strong opinion about me and what I am doing here.

So first and foremost, we don't need to discuss the ear plugs thing, I've already given you your grief in that regard. We've all agreed you're a fairy and moved on. Let's look at your next comment, stating that "this blog is so stupid". I'm familiar with having such an attitude. For instance, when my mother asked me to help around the house, I would go on about how "dishes are so stupid" and "mopping is so stupid". I was in middle school after all, I couldn't form an intricate enough argument about why I shouldn't do the dishes, just that they were "so stupid". You amazingly however, managed to somehow surpass my capabilities at the age of 11, by continuing on as to why you thought my blog was "so stupid". Bravo, sir. If I still lived with my mother, I would call you for your advice regarding how I could talk my way out of vacuuming. Let's see how you go about enlightening me...

"Its funny because you say all this stuff is not metal but you still care about it if you didnt you wouldnt take the time to write about it" 

I think I'll be the bigger man and let the whole punctuation thing slide for now. So the reason I write about this stuff is because I "care about it" otherwise I "wouldn't take the time to write about it"? While it's certainly an interesting theory that I have a soft spot in my heart for white guys with dreadlocks, I'm having a hard time seeing where you're coming from. Also I'm glad you think "its funny". Most people think the blog is funny, but I can't really tell why you do specifically. Do you think the site is funny because I'm making fun of Hot Topic pants when I really love Hot Topic pants? I think somewhere down the line you've been misinformed. You also took the time to write about my blog in that comment, so by your definition, does that mean you care about it? Thanks dude! :-)

"Why not write a blog about metal bands not just some hate speech about fashion."

Is this a question? It's kind of hard to tell without the punctuation mark that defines it as so. You know this thing "?", I'm positive they taught you all about it in elementary school... alright, I promised I wouldn't get into punctuation, so I'll move on. Yeah, you know, I think that would a pretty cool idea writing a blog just about metal bands. I'm pretty sure that hasn't been done before. So I'll keep it in mind. As for "hate speech about fashion", I don't really know what your mom driving you to shows, bringing a beer into a crowd, kids at the moshpit rim, or even the post that sent you over the edge have anything to do with fashion. But okay, I'll give... I guess I do go a little too much into the whole fashion thing sometimes. I guess in the end, image doesn't really matter, right?

"Fashion goes hand in hand with metal if you like it or not. You can listen to BMTH or Mayhem fashion will always be a part of metal." 

Wait... whoa... okay... I'm confused. Do you have multiple personality disorder? Are you arguing with yourself? You just said I shouldn't write about fashion, that I should write about metal instead. Yet here you are telling me that it matters and it's always going to be part of metal. Does that mean its important enough to write about? Did you change your mind mid-comment? 

"If you really care about metal music write a blog about music. By reading your blog you clearly care about the image more than the music."

So you've changed your mind back now? Pretty wishy-washy, dude. Should I consider image important, or shouldn't I? I have no idea what you're trying to express at this point, as you clearly have no clue how to do something as simple as getting a message across. Here's what I've taken from the experience of your comment: I am writing about heavy metal fashion. Fashion goes hand in hand with metal, whether anyone likes it or not. Your words not mine. So where's the problem here? If fashion is relevant to Metal, then everything I have ever said is relevant to metal and ultimately matters. I think we're done here.

You can't be mad at me dude. I am writing about you, so it just means I care about you. Have a pleasant life. 

\,,/ Brenocide


  1. I'll just repeat what I said before: I love you Brenocide.

  2. As always, I love you too, Anon.

  3. The anonymous complainant probably listens to Slipknot.

  4. That is the most fantastic serving thine eyes hath ever feasted upon!

  5. Dude... that was just epic.


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