Saturday, February 12, 2011

Poll's Closed: The Black Dahlia Murder is DEATH METAL

Thanks to everyone who voted these last couple weeks on the TNM poll regarding whether or not you thought The Black Dahlia Murder was a legitimate death metal act, or just another deathcore band. It was surprisingly close, with Death Metal getting the majority at 34 votes (55%) and Deathcore coming close behind at 27 (44%). Even though there wasn't a ton of voters total, this sample was still a pretty good indicator of how torn the metal community is regarding TBDM. Regardless of what I said before, in reality, if Deathcore got the majority vote, I would have totally stopped listening to them. A small sacrifice to make in order to still look like a cool kid in front of all the other metalheads.

I'll be starting another poll in the next couple days. Any ideas would be appreciated in the meantime, and again, thanks for taking the second and a half to cast your vote. Sorry if you lost it and your life is now a meaningless failure. 


  1. It doesn't matter if they are Shitcore or Death Metal. They are a mediocre to shitty band, and if you like them, you have bad taste.



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