Saturday, February 26, 2011

The 100 Greatest Metallica Songs out of the 95 Metallica Songs PT 2

Here's a list someone sent me of the "100 Greatest Metallica Songs" as featured in Guitar World magazine. As I covered in my last post regarding the matter, this is an impossible list. If you add all of the Metallica albums together that aren't covers, the band only wrote 95 songs. 98 if you count the original tracks on S&M, and a soundtrack song for Mission Impossible 2. I hope you don't count a soundtrack song from Mission Impossible 2.

No matter how we look at this, Metallica does not even have 100 of their own songs. Guitar World is basically looking at more than Metallica's entire musical career and calling it the "Greatest". I hope Dave Mustaine got a copy. Anyway, here is the entire list from "best" song, to "100th... best..."

1 Creeping Death
2 Master of Puppets
3 Seek & Destroy
4 Ride the Lightning
5 One
6 Battery
7 The 4 Horsemen
8 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
9 All Nightmare Long
10 Fade To Black
11 Sad But True
12 Orion
13 Motorbreath
14 ...And Justice for All
15 For Whom the Bell Tolls
16 Am I Evil?
17 Nothing Else Matters
18 Disposable Heroes
19 Hit the Lights
20 Enter Sandman
21 Helpless
22 Blackened
23 My Apocalypse
24 Fight Fire with Fire
25 St. Anger
26 King Nothing
27 No Remorse
28 Blitzkrieg
29 Wherever I May Roam
30 No Leaf Clover
31 Harvester of Sorrow
32 Damage Inc.
33 (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth
34 So What
35 Trapped Under Ice
36 The Unforgiven
37 Ain't My Bitch
38 Phantom Lord
39 Breadfan
40 Dyers Eve
41 The Call of Ktulu
42 Leper Messiah
43 The Thing That Should Not Be
44 Last Caress/Green Hell
45 Whiplash
46 That Was Just Your Life
47 Jump In the Fire
48 The God That Failed
49 Crash Course in Brain Surgery
50 Fuel
51 Frantic
52 Don't Tread on Me
53 The Prince
54 The Shortest Straw
55 Some Kind of Monster
56 Killing Time
57 My Friend of Misery
58 Escape
59 The Small Hours
60 The Frayed Ends Of Sanity
61 Through the Never
62 Metal Militia
63 Bleeding Me
64 Die,Die My Darling
65 Eye of the Beholder
66 Stone Cold Crazy
67 Holier Than Thou
68 Mercyful Fate
69 Hero Of The Day
70 To Live Is To Die
71 Of Wolf and Man
72 It's Electric
73 The Memory Remains
74 Mama Said
75 The Day That Never Comes
76 Overkill
77 The Unforgiven II
78The Unforgiven III
79 The House That Jack Built
80 The More I See
81 Sabbra Cadabra
82 I Disappear
83 Free Speech For The Dumb
84 The Struggle Within
85 Whisky In The Jar
86 Devil's Dance
87 The Wait
88 The End Of The Line
89 Astronomy
90 Loverman
91 Cyanide
92 Tuesday's Gone
93 Damage Case
94 Broken,Beat & Scarred
95 Until It Sleeps
96 The Outlaw Torn
97 Suicide & Redemption
98 Wasting My Hate
99 2x4
100 Turn The Page

Is All Nightmare Long really #9? Really? This is like if someone put their iPod on shuffle and called it an article. Stop buying Guitar World magazine.


  1. At least there is no black album/ fag album > in the top 10 with the exception of All nightmare long but im sure that's a typo or something. If enter sandman was put at number 1# I think I would have gone on a killing spree of some sorts!

  2. Astronomy is a Blue Oyster Cult cover, Guitar world, You stupid cunt repulsors.

  3. Just like Am I Evil is a Diamond Head cover. I don't think that counts, really.

  4. Pure weak sauce, i actually preferred RTL and Killl em all, man i must have listened to that album a million times as a little twirp, i'm gonna go listen to the 4 horsemen.....


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