Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pop Music Fans Just Realize their Music is all Recycled Garbage

Don't ask me how I stumble on to this kind of nonsense (I have the internet), but apparently there's this whole new controversy blowing up Twitter and the blogosphere that the new Lady Gaga single "Born This Way", released last Friday, sounds an awful lot like Madonna classic, "Express Yourself". You can read more about it on E! Online. While you're there, feel free to marvel at all the names that we as under-the-rock metalheads don't even recognize as celebrities. Lady Gaga gets compared to Madonna a lot, and for good reason, seeing as how Madonna did all this same pop princess shock value crap twenty-plus years prior to Lady Gaga and her bacon dresses.

If the general public, as dumb as they are, are able to tell similarities between two songs within a musical genre that all sounds exactly the same anyway, you know that this tune has to be a direct copy cat to get any kind of special notice. Upon listening to the track however, anyone with more than three quarters of a functioning brain will realize that it's just like all the other overproduced musical feces that's on the radio these days. Maybe this whole thing will finally make pop fans connect those dots in their empty-heads, make the mental leap to compare every song they listen to side-by-side, realize it's all the same stupid garbage that's aurally on the same level as the sound of pinching a loaf, and stop listening to bad music.

A guy can dream, right?


  1. Wow, it does sound like Madonna. A lot. Eh hmm ... I mean who's Madonna or this Lady Gaga person?

  2. you sound pretty foolish assuming these kind of ideas, just so you know... the locii of enunciation is set by the masses of people who are paid to understand culture and thus make those with talent and good music prevalent... yet you speak like these people agree with you... it's not funny nor is it intelligent.

  3. Of course, quality is entirely relative to how popular something is. That's why Kenny G is a better saxophonist than Coltrane and Bird put together.

    That's essentially what you're saying, Anonymous. You're the one who sounds foolish. Not only are you a dolt, but a hypocrite and a coward, and on top of all that, your literacy could use some work.

    You need to troll harder, child.

  4. Brenocide, you fucking rule. \m/

  5. This is great music...check out Justin Timberlake's "Mirrrors"


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