Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dragonforce reveal their new vocalist. Nobody really cares.

When Protools-powered metal monsters, Dragonforce announced that nipple-baring, curly headed douche frontman ZP Theart was leaving the band, I wasn't really too nervous about the members finding a new lead singer capable of getting just as winded, and forgetting the lyrics just as much on stage. However that fact, combined with Activision inevitably shutting its doors on the Guitar Hero franchise (the root of the band's success), didn't make things look too great for the British joke metal outfit. On their neverending quest to ruin music, Dragonforce decided to hold open YouTube auditions all last year. The obvious result is that we now have 100 million videos uploaded to the site of fat old weirdos and Bieber-haired high school children singing karaoke style to The Last Journey Home. I commend the band for having to sift through all that mayhem, and finally pick Marc Hudson, a guy that doesn't really sound like the original Dragonforce singer. Although if bands considered their previous sound when choosing a new vocalist, we as rock fans never would have been able to enjoy those years of Van Hagar and Iced Owens.

Thankfully, Dragonforce fans can rest easy. A vocal style change doesn't mean a change in their shitty lyrics or guitar playing whatsoever. You only have to listen to the above video for about 30 seconds before you're treated to a "so far away", and "we ride". I couldn't make this stuff up if I wanted to. Maybe if we're lucky, next year Dragonforce will hold open auditions for two new guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, a keyboardist and a lyricist? One can always hope.

All that harsh hate aside I do have to say that Marc Hudson definitely has some power metal chops, and it's kind of nice that he'll lend at least a bit of variety to a band that's completely void of the concept. I will unapologetically state that I think it's a shame to see his talent go to such musical waste, and hopefully after Dragonforce inevitably stops "riding so far away" and breaks up, Hudson will be propelled to stardom in the metal genre elsewhere.

Despite that I'm happy for Hudson, I can't help but feel bummed that my first choice didn't make the cut:


  1. Aside from the Guitar Hero business, the kids could do a lot worse than Dragonforce.

  2. I have never really like their kind of music. To fast and to soft for my taste. But just becouse i dislike them doesent mean that they ^suck^. Sure they dont ! But. They are overrated. There are alot of underrated power metal bands that i like a lot more. Lets say Iron Mask could be one of them. Their song - only the good die young- is awsome and so are others.

    DragonForce new singer is good in my opinion.

    I much agree with Brenocide that their lyric are not very interesting. As much as word sounds powerfull they will add it to song.
    Sample :
    fuck ! thats a truck, riding toward us!!!!

  3. I saw this video and almost spit coffee all over my keyboard... lol.

    This is Jerry Anders from a wannabe vampire act called Anders Manga... I swear it's him.

  4. Dragonforce was the first power metal band I heard. Of course, I then started listening to other power metal bands like Blind Guardian, Helloween, and Gamma Ray and was eventually captivated into the power metal scene.

    That said, whenever someone asked me if I was into power metal and I responded with a yes, they would ask me "So you like Dragonforce?" I would be like, "Are you kidding me? Try listening to a variety of power metal artists and see if you can still count Dragonforce as power metal."

    That said, I do like their first couple of albums and am still a partial fan of theirs. I would also agree that the new singer is actually better for the band because now, one their new album release, they sound much closer to resembling an actual power metal band again.

    I definitely do have my fair share of criticisms for the band nevertheless and I could really care less about they perform live as opposed to in the studio. I really don't go after live performances anyway. Even with Queensryche who actually sounds awesome live back in their days.


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